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Is adding a left hand “weapon” possible


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A shield mod


My idea is it will essentially work the same as the player having 2 ,we will just say wood, plates in front of him.


I’m no codes writer or modder so this is just what I imagine it.


2 blocks, top for melee swings from Z bottom for crawlers dogs boars


The shield could show damage similar to normal wood blocks but have a durability like weapons. 3/4 out cracks appear 1/2 parts are missing 100% out the shield does no reduction


Use: removing power swing in exchange for a shield block stance that costs stamina to stay in, reduces damage taken substantially but doesn’t allow melee swing .


We all do the hokey pokey zombie killing while melee so this could be done in exchange for backing out of the swings or in emergencies such as dog hordes showing up or unexpected ferals


Upgrading from wood to iron will be a strength gate which makes sense , heavier shield means need to be stronger . All the way to r iron

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I imagine the hand hold and animations all perform within a specificied amount of blocks.


In my mind altering the dimensions of the blocks taking up by right hand and adding a second class , in this case “left” hand they could operate independently


Or only one could animate at any given time. Idk

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