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Gating new Recipe behind PerkPhysician level 2-5?

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I created a new Recipe "NearDeathTraumaKit"


and I wanted to gate it behind PerkPhysician level 2 along with medicalFirstairKit


how do I do that in a modlet with the </append>


I need to add both a Passive_effect and an Effect_Description to:


		<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" value="1" level="1,5" tags="medicalFirstAidBandage,medicalPlasterCast"/>
		<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" value="1" level="2,5" tags="medicalFirstAidKit,drugSteroids"/>
		<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" value="1" level="3,5" tags="drugRecog"/>
		<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" operation="base_set" value="1" level="4,5" tags="drugFortBites"/>

		<!-- see <buff name="buffPerkAbilityUpdate"> for cvar based ability changes -->
		<triggered_effect trigger="onPerkLevelChanged" action="AddBuff" target="self" buff="buffPerkAbilityUpdate"/>

		<effect_description level="1" desc_key="perkPhysicianRank1Desc" desc_base="You can craft first aid bandages and plaster casts."/>
		<effect_description level="2" desc_key="perkPhysicianRank2Desc" desc_base="You can craft first aid kits and steroids."/>
		<effect_description level="3" desc_key="perkPhysicianRank3Desc" desc_base="All healing you perform is 25% more effective."/>
		<effect_description level="4" desc_key="perkPhysicianRank4Desc" desc_base="All healing you perform is 50% more effective."/>
		<effect_description level="5" desc_key="perkPhysicianRank5Desc" desc_base="All healing is now twice as effective. When healing others you receive the same benefits."/>

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Okay, so you want to make sure that the recipe isn't unlocked until later?


Here's how:


This is the code I used for adding morphine to the game.


<set xpath="/progression/perks/perk[@name='perkPhysician']/effect_group/passive_effect[@name='RecipeTagUnlocked' and @level='4,5']/@tags">drugFortBites,[color="#FF0000"]drugMorphine[/color]</set>


Here is the code for you (I'm assuming that is your item's name)


<set xpath="/progression/perks/perk[@name='perkPhysician']/effect_group/passive_effect[@name='RecipeTagUnlocked' and @level='2,5']/@tags">drugFortBites,[color="#FF0000"]NearDeathTraumaKit[/color]</set>

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