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Possible diversification of AudioSettings to add toggle for volume of guns/explosions


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Okay in essence this might just be a niche thing not many people would find use for (i cant say about anybody else, but in this case it's definitely got to do with me being sensitive to sound) but i thought it was worth speaking up about.


I put off asking for so long because i feel like it is a very obnoxious request, but i finally decided to bite the bullet and ask anyway, you never know if you don't ask?


It might not be a hassle for others but i personally find guns and explosives of all kinds far too loud, they are supposed to be loud i get it! I understand! But they are, to be quite frank, far far too loud and i'm constantly fiddling with my volume in a vain attempt to save myself an earache. (on top of that it feels like a considerable portion of the game feels walled off unless i'm playing with no sound at all which...leaves me with no sound whatsoever and relying on just visual cues and that my friends, is a double edged sword, fix one issue at the expense of putting in place another issue)


So a slider bar for the noise level of explosions and guns (maybe split them i suppose? Both are loud but one is definitely much much louder than the other) would be splendid. Of course in-game they would, mechanically, have the exact same noise range, just how much sound they spit out of the speakers being reduced would really mean a world of difference.


I love the idea of using explosive weapons and when lurking army camps an quite fond of if i accidentally wake the entire camp up leading them over the landmines, or alternatively when wandering the wasteland getting nasty surprises and wind up jumping out of my skin due to sudden very, very, loud noises as i step on a land mine and inevitable kill myself (or almost do as i have on a few surprising occasions where i survived with a scrap of health).


If i turn my volume down to accommodate i find...i can never hear a zombie gurgling or groaning behind me until i'm actually being hit due to all the subtle sounds not being loud enough.


I'm just a tiny bit tired of feeling like i can only make use of all the weapons at my disposal if i play the game without sound at all, that way i'm not practically confined to melee weapons and the bows, crossbow.

It keeps one on their toes yes, but i find having sound really helps with the setting and makes sneaking around more...dynamic i suppose? Being on ones toes but aware of subtle sounds instead of purely on ones toes because you cant hear the zombies and only see whats in front of you and the screen and health bar.


I shy away of using guns in a pinch if i really need it (that is if i was carrying one at all) and opt for trying to get to a vantage point where the Z's cant get me or put distance between me and them so i can pick them off with a bow because it's not worth the earache, that is assuming i had one on me and i hadnt returned to base yet and dropped it off in a chest of things destined to either be scrap or pawned off to the trader.


In all honesty? I LOVE the idea of being able to mess up zombie hordes with a rocket launcher, it's just far too loud for me and i'm tired of having to sacrifice convenience for sound with virtually no middle ground to stand on, it's very entertaining seeing the zombies just essentially fly around when it comes to playing with explosives.



That said, I am aware it might seem like an odd thing to ask, but after enough years it gets tiring i'm afraid. I feel like i'm just being a whiny baby about it, There is likely not going to be any incentive to add it but i thought i'd put the thought out there anyhow. It's not make or break, but it'd be nice not having to constantly fiddle with my volume all the time because of something as simple as adjusting the volume in the settings to something bearable.



Other than that i really do like playing this game! Quite a bit actually! I have had a few tiny pet peeves over the years with some things and can live with, but this is the only thing that's a real sore thumb so to speak. I'm just tired of having to trade off for no sound once i get later into the days because melee weapons and bows will only get you so far before dealing with hordes becomes cumbersome, tedious, time consuming.


Anyhow i feel like i have prattled on long enough and that said, have nothing left to say.


TLDR; I am sound sensitive and a noise toggle for guns and explosives would be neat because as far as i can tell all the non-ambient/music sounds are lumped under the same uniform setting. Guns and explosives for me are only useful as trader fodder, because they are far too loud unless i am playing the game with sound so low i can only barely hear gunfire or explosions at the sacrifice of not being able to hear nigh anything else or without sound at all, which presents it's own set of issues. Sometimes it's tiring feeling limited to just melee weapons/bows/crossbow due to noise.

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I know this is slightly old, but when I'm on discord and it's the blood moon, the volume is too loud. Junk turret, screams, other turrets, weapons etc. But if I lower it, I may not hear zombies coming from behind or stuff like that.


I would love more audio settings too.

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