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  1. I won't be using it as I'm not deaf but I downloaded it so I can see how it works. This is a very nice touch! ❤️
  2. Why is this so good? ❤️ Gonna wait with you then
  3. I'm using an RX 580 and I have this issue under Mint. Always have as far as I know. Only happens in 7 days to die. I also filled an AMD bug report.
  4. Indeed it prevent zombies from spawning in that area. When I use a POI as a base the POI zombies reappear, putting a Land Claim Block prevent that. Worth noting also that sometimes the description of some items in game are incomplete and we need to look in the XML to check the effect of some items/blocks...
  5. Steam name: Extarys (https://steamcommunity.com/id/extarys/) Hours played: 435 hours Started on Alpha: 10 (Started to really play in A17, prior to that, 10 hours tops) Discord name: SickWolf#4960 Native language: French Canadian/English Playing on Linux Mint with RX580 8GB VRAM, 16GB RAM, Ryzen 2700x. I started making many mods in A18 - didn't publish any yet tho
  6. Taser gun as tier 1 12V battery with 2 wires for tier 3 XD
  7. Same! Thanks for the update and rotate option!
  8. Amen. Hope all mods (vehicles, armors, etc) will also have more visible mod compatibility Gosh I dream about the game looking stunning as the 4 screenshots posted earlier. (I literally dreamed I was in 7 days to die)
  9. Hope Electricity gets more stuff Like chaining generators. the drawbridge closing on me when the timer from the motion sensor ran out even though I'm still in it's FOV, etc. But I'm sure all of that stuff will come later as fixes. So freaking hyped with each update. Always on latest_experimental hoping to wake up to a new update. Keep it up team! I love you so much! BTW Love the new zombie and the lighting.
  10. Damn, I wanted to put a turret upside down inside a tunnel so my truck would still be able to go through. I even made a hole in the ceiling for it.
  11. Always happy with an update. You made my day - and I needed it badly. Thanks!
  12. Damn devs! I want that update so badly Getting more excited with each new image you share.
  13. I'd love that, I always use my forged steel by accident XD My bad too, I shouldn't be walking with those in my pocket.
  14. This might be hard-coded but: Is there a way to make a block with the Class Forge to not use any fuel - ie: always on and always contributing to the heatmap? Or what could possibly be ok for my use case is using water as fuel - Bu tI think doing that would make the water valid for vehicles too.
  15. I know this is slightly old, but when I'm on discord and it's the blood moon, the volume is too loud. Junk turret, screams, other turrets, weapons etc. But if I lower it, I may not hear zombies coming from behind or stuff like that. I would love more audio settings too.
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