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Installing HDHQ Overhaul on a Rented Server

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Hey there,


I very much prefer the look of the game using the HDHQ Overhaul mod and would like to add it to my rented server. The mod works without issue on the client-side, however I would like to install it on my rented server and have a couple questions:


1. The file structure on the server and on my client are slightly different. For ex: The /Data/Bundles folder on the server does NOT contain the terraintextures file or the terraintextures.manifest file. If I were to install this mod on the server, do I simply copy the files there anyways instead of replacing them like on the client-side?


2. If I do install the mod on the server, will any clients who join automatically download the necessary files when they try to connect? Or will they have to manually install the mod to their game beforehand?


I'd love for someone familiar with this mod to give me some guidance on how to install it on a rented server properly.



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You DONT need to install the main files to the server. They are ONLY installed client side.


You DO need to install the modlets (if using) to both the client AND server.


Players who join will need ONLY the modlets you are using installed to their clients. (the server doesnt push the files, players will need to manually install the modlets)


Main Pack files are optional in that you can play with others whether you are using the main pack files or not providing EAC is off on the server.

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