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Prefab and Paint Texture Questions Need Info On Please

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To all that this concerns,


I am just wondering about two things please.


First I would just like to know about Prefabs. In A16 in the beginning we were having issues adding new prefabs on a dedicated server because the server did not push the prefabs to the client and this was a huge issue, but later on it did get fixed and the console errors for players did stop.


Now for A17 it is doing he exact same thing once again. Are you planning on fixing this issue again so we can add our own prefabs to a dedicated server and not have red console errors for players joining the server? I know we can ask them to download a prefab pack and they can add them to their prefab folder. The issue is new players wont know our Website and will be trying to join the server and will end up getting a ton of console errors trying to get on and might just get upset about it and not join the server at all meaning we would lose new players.


This is a big issue basically for server owners not wanting to lose new players to their servers and are really wanting to create new prefabs for players to enjoy. I really do hope this gets fixed like it did for A16.


Number 2 question is I was wondering if we can get more paint colors? Textures would be great too but looking for more color choices too. Or is there a way we can add more colors and textures easily for the server?


Are the paint books going to be fixed also? Right now reading a paint magazine does nothing, doesn't add more paint choices or anything at all I am basically just wondering why are they even in and are able to be found in loot if they don't even have a purpose.


Just a few things I wanted to ask and find out about. I think you guys are doing a wonderful job, keep up the great work and I am excited to see what comes out next. Hoping the code doesn't change anymore would be a great thing also. Having to fix mods for every new Alpha gets tiring.


Thanks Again,


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