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Streetlamps & Wiring


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There's a light in the game called "streetlamp".


For the life of me, I can't get the thing wired. I can't go from a connector to the lamp - it just will not connect. I CAN go FROM the lamp to a connector, but that's not what I need. Direction needs to be: connector -> streetlamp


Are they bugged? something about wiring streetlamps I need to know that's different than other lamps? (Like: you need to connect to the 2nd square in and not the round base, or you need to connect to the end of the lamp and the other 3 squares don't work) or something?

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Not sure about creative mode, but quite sure that currently only the simple light and Spotlight are currently "functional" (A17.4). I hope I'm wrong but that is what I've encountered.


OH! well then there must be something related here. got it, thanks.


Weird thing is I'm not in creative mode and I'm not running a lights mod; I just searched for "light" and a few options came up. I don't know where "streetlight" is coming from if it's not vanilla. weird.

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