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When The Game Was Good - a16.4 - PvE - Warrior

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After listening to a lot of people, and having several requests from players on my other servers, I have opened up a new 16.4 server.


This is fully Vanilla with no mods, and Warrior level difficulty.

I use CPM and CSMM so you do have some extra features like teleports, and other helpful features. (i.e. /bag will return you to your most recent death location.)


The server is running on a Dell PowerEdge R710 with 2 6-core CPU's (24 threads) at 3.07GHz, 80GB RAM, SSD's in RAID0, and a 400MB internet bandwidth with load balancing and DDoS protection. We run backups every two hours onto a separate set of SAS drives in RAID, so if something critical occurs, it's easy to recover.


Join us on Discord at https://discord.gg/HrCaxm2




(We also run a Conan Exiles server with mods. Info on that here.)

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