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Balance Mod and Fixes A17+


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Hello me Name is Toto


I make This mod for better experience and less stress ingame.

if you have ideas or other suggestions, let me know


BetterBalance Totos Rework Mod Lite



Version A17 - A17.3

A16 Not Work







Mirror 1 Mediafire

Mod Version 1.15 Download







Extract files to your \7 Days To Die\Mods folder, create the folder if it doesn't exist and use the latest edition of 7Zip/Winrar



C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\TotoReworkBalance




Changes Toto Rework Balance Mod V1.15




- Remove zombie ability to use ladder

- Increase bag loot drop chance

- Attack range reduced for all Zombies

- Block damage reduced for all Zombies

- ability Human Zombie Atack vomit removed

- Zombie Knockdown Stun Duration 2-5 sec

- Zombie Body remain 60 sec





- Furnace now have 3 Slots

- 60 Slot Backpack





- CrossHair Fix you dont see it if Zoom (only Normal Bow Have crosshair on zoom)


- rebalance more realistic weapon damage,(Headshots Important now)

sample:Zombie Streeper needs on Vanila 5-6 Headshots 9mm - Totos Rework 2 but less body damage

(i dont remove the headshot perk because for guys like insta kill on head)

- All Weapons faster reload Speed x0.1 <-Wip Individual Reload Speed

- all Fire Arms Ammo Damage Change

- all Arrows and Bolt Damage Change Stone,Iron,Steel,Fire,Exploding

- Sniper rifle MagazineSize 12





- 49 Crafting Time items individual changed 10%-20% faster

- 2+ Blocks Jump

- removed PackMule Perk

- 2 points per level

- reduced points scaling for level requirements

- reduced Stamina on Actions

- reduced drink eat need

- more xp for mining and resources

- Increased stack sizes x2-x4 Drinks,Ammo,Eat and more

- quest reward 1 skill point

- Mining, stone on Destroy % to recive other items coal,scrap lead,scrap iron, nugget


Loot, player bag remain longer.

- player bag 8000 sec

- Loot 2000 sec



Vehicles Change


- Faster vehicles

- Vehicles x2 Fuel

- Gyrocopter x6 Fuel





- Balance-upgrade and scrap value

- More items from corpses

- Generator Fuel 1000 to 3000

- chance of birds Eggs,Feather from Tree

- Higher meter the tree more chance to drop. begin drop on 19m+







I was inspired on this Balance Mod

from @SurvivalUK and from community

<!-- Reduce Joke -->

So Donate your Respect First him and after me :)




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