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Falling entire chunk on my server map / how to reset chunk ?


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I don't know why but a chunk fall down today on my server and i don't know how to reset it.




I would like to know how to reset region on my map without whype it completly.


There is a plugin can do that safely ? How to count and reset a region from coordonate ?


I don't know why some building and some part of the map fall down on itself. :crushed:


Thanks for your help.

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Here a line of the log error :


2019-05-09T20:12:26 11936.223 WRN Spawned entity with wrong pos: FallingBlock_426273 (EntityFallingBlock) id=426273 pos=(-1166.1, 0.9, -845.1)

2019-05-09T20:12:27 11936.894 WRN Spawned entity with wrong pos: FallingBlock_423463 (EntityFallingBlock) id=423463 pos=(-1168.2, 0.2, -844.2)

2019-05-09T20:12:27 11936.898 WRN Entity FallingBlock_422817 (EntityFallingBlock) fell off the world, id=422817 pos=(-1163.0, -0.9, -844


Full Log here : https://pastebin.pl/view/e3e31626


I use Server Fixed as plugin

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This is what happens when you do large drop-mining.


Stay in the area a while until it finishes calculating all the falling blocks, or delete the specific region file from the save folder.


Based on the coordinates, I'm guessing that's going to be r.-2.-3.7rg. I could have the numbers backwards though.

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