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Armor tweak/rebalance suggestion


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There is currently no armor in the game that does not have a AGI/Movement penalty and this doesnt make any sense to me.

Cloth armor has the same penalties as leather, military for example... The only differences is the armor rating they give and SOME elemental protection (Not that that matters at all in this meta)


Id like to suggest the following to specifically the light armor class.

1.Rebalance the light armors to afford mobility/protection/resists


Cloth armor should have say, .01 movement penalty if any and have the lowest noise penalty. Continue to bar fittings.

This is to allow for people who want to build full agi/stealth builds.

Cloth should give resists to all the elements.


Leather armor should give hot protection and negative cold protection- holey, hard leather thats worn as armor isnt good vs cold.

Leather armor should bear the medium ground for both DR and mobility. .02 penalty and continue to allow use of improved/custom fits.


Military Fiber should have .035 penalty with a slight DR buff and be noiseyst of the light armors to give options for builds.


Currently, there is no good, meta option for full agility build in regards to armor nor is there a good option for stealth.


Heavy armors in general could DEFINATELY use a DR nerf since the addition of "take 25% less damage" perk. ;)

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