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Civilian class quest broken?


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On the description of the civilian class attribute it says something like:

Granted once you finishe you're first class quest.


I've done my first and I choose mechanics. I did not get the civilian class quest as a reward to that class.


Is this intended or is it a bug?


I tried on a local server running windows, b4 I went over to a dedicated I wanted to check that all was oki.

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Sorry :D I thought I was on that forum :D

But maybe you can answere this.

Where do I find the quest trigger in the xml file?

Like the starter quest. I can't figure out where the trigger is located.

If I find this I can find the trigger for the civilian quest too :)


Here is the quest text from quests.xml. I just can't figure out what is the trigger.


<quests max_quest_tier="5">

<!-- Basic Survival 1 - Craft a Bedroll /> -->

<quest id="quest_BasicSurvival1">

<property name="group_name_key" value="quest_BasicSurvival" />

<property name="name_key" value="quest_BasicSurvival1" />

<property name="subtitle" value="Workaround to grant necessary perks on game start" />

<property name="subtitle_key" value="quest_BasicSurvival1_subtitle" />

<property name="description_key" value="quest_BasicSurvival1_description" />

<property name="icon" value="ui_game_symbol_map_bed" />

<property name="category_key" value="quest" />

<property name="difficulty" value="veryeasy"/>

<property name="offer_key" value="quest_BasicSurvival_offer" />

<property name="shareable" value="false" />


<action type="ShowTip" value="tutorialTipQuest02" />

<action type="TrackQuest" />


<objective type="FetchKeep" id="resourceYuccaFibers" value="20" phase="1" />

<objective type="Craft">

<property name="phase" value="2" />

<property name="item" value="bedroll" />

<property name="count" value="1" />



<objective type="BlockPlace" id="bedroll" value="1" phase="2" />


<reward type="Quest" id="quest_BasicSurvival2" />

</quest> -->

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