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biomes.xml depth


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This is the depth of only one layer. All layers - are located in order from the surface, on least their location in .xml.


<layer depth="2" blockname="terrDirt" />

<layer depth="4" blockname="terrClay" /> <resource blockname="terrGravel" cluster="0" prob="0.05" rwgGenerationType="all" /> </layer>

<layer depth="3" blockname="terrSand" />

<layer depth="*" blockname="terrStone" />

<layer depth="3" blockname="terrBedrock" />


this means (from the beginning of the surface):

first is a 2 blocks of "dirt", after - 4 "clay" mixed with "gravel" blocks, 3 "sand", all the other(*) blocks before bedrock - "rock", and at the bottom is 3 blocks - "bedrock".


After the "bedrock" - blocks can not be, it is always located at a world depth = 0 (more precisely 0-2, if a depth= 3).

The world limit is 256 blocks.

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That's right :)


For the surface layer, try to avoid a layer width of less than 3 blocks, otherwise it will cause the lower blocks (layers) to appear on rock slices or steep slopes.

Also, try not to let the graphic Shader have to mix more than three textures at the same time - this will lead to strange visual effects. That is spread different ore at different layers, but not all in one layers.

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