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Zombie damage detriments


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Hi All,


Below i'm attaching a link to a small modlet i created for adding zombie damage detriments. What it does in general is add to all "zombie hand" items percentage reductions of overall damage based on the type of block they are hitting.


PURPOSE: This is meant to serve the purpose of differentiating even more zombie damage against blocks, making stronger types of blocks not only have advantage from higher durability, but also directly taking less damage compared to weaker materials. Even so, this does not make extra strong materials (especially Steel Blocks) undestructable. Testing shows that big groups of Zombies ganking on single blocks still manage to beat the durability down pretty fast, but at a slower pace than regularly.


EXAMPLE: Zombie Boe deals out 16 damage in regular, but 14 against wood (-10%), 11 against stone blocks (-30%) and 6 damage against metal blocks (-60%).


This is the most common change, but stronger zombies have smaller detriments, whether weaker zombies have bigger detriments (regular < ferals < rads, but also hazmat < boe < biker). Animals are also included in this (wolves, all types of bear and vultures). Cop vomit and vulture vomit has not been changed.



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Just checked at work (added it at home, so now i'm logged off) and it seems to work. If you're not logged in you have to click "No thanks, continue" or something like that and wait for it to load properly. On the right upper corner you will see "Download" and a menu pops up with "Direct Downlaod" present.

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