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Scrollable window for recipie ingredients, optionally also scrollable backpack.


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Several of the UI windows scroll vertically without a scrollbar (windowCreative, windowSkillList, ActiveBuffsWindow, windowCraftingList, mapTracking, windowQuestList to name some) because items/blocks in the list can easily grow beyond what the default UI can cleanly show.


In the case of the vanilla game, these 2 new scrolling areas I'm requesting would not do anything (they would be scrollable, but there would be not be more items/slots to scroll to so scrolling would not have an effect) because the items/slots would not be larger than the vanilla UI windows that already exist. Adding scrolling to these 2 windows would not change the default look/feel of the game.


These 2 new scrollable windows don't need a scrollbar (like the other scrollable UI windows) nor would they need a "search" feature. It might be nice to have the "paging" arrows though, but this would affect the look/feel of the vanilla game. The paging arrows could be left out so only modded games that mod these areas would need to know that "you can scroll these windows" to see more items.


Idea: Scrollable recipe ingredients list (craftingInfoPanel)

Case for having this:

- Example use case: I added a battery to "all flashlights". One of the flashlight recipes already contained 5 ingredients, so I could not see my battery was needed to craft it (crafting still works with hidden recipe ingredients, but its not very usable for mods you intend others to use)


- There are no mods that I've seen that have figured out a way to do this, but the case for this is that the ingredient list UI is currently "visually fixed" at 5 items. With the addition of mods, any mod can add more ingredients (that are required for crafting) but the user cannot see them in the UI. Since many mods can be added at a time, a recipe could have a lot more than 5 ingredients, all of these ingredients would be currently hidden. With the A17 mod system, you can mass add add items to recipes (like adding nails to all items matching "wood") without really knowing how many ingredients are already in the existing recipe.


- I've tried modding the ingredient list and I cannot make it scrollable. Additionally, the UI area for the ingredients is very small and cannot easily be modified without making the UI look terrible (ingredient list very tiny, or ingredients outside of the UI box/frame the ingredients are normally in)



Idea: Scrollable backpack

Case for having this:

- Example use case:There are several user mods that increase the size of the backpack. In doing so, the UI looks "wonky" (like for the 96 slot backpack mod: the entire UI showing the backpack is very tiny) and it does not fit the original visual aesthetic of the vanilla game.


- Some people love to loot and if they're going to mod the backpack slots let them add as many slots as they want and then the UI does not "grow/shrink/distort" but instead the backpack window is just scrollable as slots are added.

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