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Duplication glitch of some sort.


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I built a base at bedrock with a giant hole dug from surface to bedrock used as a trap on horde nights. Essentially the way it worked was that zombies would walk into the hole and fall to bedrock, making them crawlers (with the exception of cops) and therefore easy to kill.


I found that with blunt weapons, when you are attempting to destroy a zombie corpse, if you first hit something before destroying the corpse (in this case it was bedrock) whatever you hit gets added to your inventory. By doing this I was able to harvest enough bedrock to make a base entirely made of bedrock.


Just to be clear, the way this worked; first you kill a zombie, then with a club or sledgehammer you hit bedrock with the club, then you walk over to the zombie corpse and destroy the zombie corpse. You will see that bedrock has been harvested to your inventory.

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First i thought the flag for a undestroyable block is not bound to a specific block. Then i thought: "uhm, no spinners". Then i checked the block-palette in creative mode for bedrock-blocks.

After a 'f*** it, i build this thing', i must admit this is glitch is working, but only on weekends between 12:00am and 1:00am.

I'm on PS4 V1.16!


ps: this post isn't meant to be taken to serious...

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