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    This profile was created to post about the console split screen fog bug*1.18 this is destroying the amazing game. Apparently i haven't permission to post threads so confused as to why I created an account but I digress, I doubt this will be read by anyone in a position to help anyway..
  1. My suggestion is realistic, and while its save editing it still provides us with enough tools to enjoy another side to the games potential.. ps4 only ofcourse.
  2. PS4 players should send in their saves to savewizard and get it supported so we can mod it, it will keep it alive until we see 7dtd2 on ps5 or whatever happens.
  3. Like that reaccuring theme wasnt expected lol
  4. Apology certainly accepted, and that for a response may just get me kicking about in random gen once more as it now feels we're just that much closer to hearing something from TFP themselves beit bad or good news! I sincerely hope the latter and I look forward to hearing what exactly was included within the bundle. - If that is at all possible! I suspect that your thoughts regarding what TFP needs to continue with the console version is exactly correct, IG's code is the only thing that really makes sense in respect to what they'd need but on the same breath who knows exactly what it might be lol. It would be nice to see TFP and IG continue to work with eachother after all this drama especially leaning on a more reliable publisher! Maybe this is a turning point for us all, we have waited patiently this far, another however many months is nothing haha! Again many thanks and keep well!
  5. Meganoth. Humorously, I did infact only just read that previous comment of yours, which did infact provide more insight. So thank you for that, but still not appreciating your unhelpful response to me from when I first piped up, not that it matters anymore.. lets hope something happens about this shameful series of events in the near future, I read somewhere else 'rights' of some kind were passed over to TFP on the 14th of april. Thats all that was said so no idea what 'rights' exactly, if credible at all.
  6. Appreciated Im much more disappointed on missing out on the new engine rather than new content! So yes, I still play but not half as often, and with such an amasing premise Its gutting this has gone the way it has. As for megamonolith or whatever the name was, plug that hole in your head because if you couldnt work out I was after a more up to date message from someone with a bit of weight rather than your useless comments you need to go regress that conditioned mind. Much love.
  7. I'm not about to go reading all the fan posted comments for information. Furthermore, I do not use social media and use this forum as my only means of information from the devs about this game which has much potential. Can I ever expect an update as to what the AF is going on with this game which is currently abandoned? I don't see why funpimps can't seek a new publisher, and or create a '7 days to die 2' or anything along those lines to cut out this ridiculous waiting time for console players. Christ. Pipe up Clair I beg you.
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