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Tower bse in a17.2


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Did anyone tried a simple tower base in 17.2 on the 1st / 2nd bloodmoon horde ?


I am thinking of a 5x5 cobblestone base (including wall), 3 high, with some traps around. The entrance would be stair + 2 block jump + door.


This does not give a direct path to the IA, so it will go in destroy mode. In 17.1, they would all concentrate on a single block and tear it down. But now that the IA is more spread out, maybe it becomes viable again ?


Thank you

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Hi and thanks, Royal Deluxe.


I speak about the early game, and very small construction (5x5 as i said) with 2/3 rows of spikes around. Something you can definitely build on day 5, 6 or 7, and say level 10-20.


This was a design that worked very well in a16 for the first 3/4 blood moons. It was actively defended with bow or melee, standing on the roof.


I know it was totally screwed in a17e because of Z's block damages and group focus on the weak points. a17.2 supposedly lowered damages and made the Z attack more various locations, so I was wondering if it was viable again.

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The problem is that there are so many variables that a universal answer is nearly impossible


First Bloodmoon means now 1-50 Days with 10-120 (or even 240 with a modlet) minutes

So 10 Minutes versus 200 Hours (i guess you speak about 7 and 14 Hours)


Then there is the gamestage, what depends extremly on the playerlevel. There are People that have only 3 Level in the first week and others that have 50 Level. I guess we speak about arround level 20 on Day7


Next is the question how big you choose hour hordes 1-64


Next is that it is RNG dependent what kind of zombies you get.

You can get dozends of zombies that make really low damage, or you have unluck and 4-8 of these miners/workers rush into the hole your base allready has. And during you cant reach them they have (as a group) a damage output of nearly 1000 Hp per second.


You can place your spikes on a normal way the Zombies will run arround. Or you make minitrenches which (ad least made) them to walk over them.


.... and many more points


Best tip:

Make a backup of your savegame on midday day 7 and simply try it

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