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Shields and stuff


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I have been wondering if anyone have tried to make a shield mod? I know some have discussed about it, but that is all.


Would not a shield be really great to use against for example, the spit from the cops/vultures? I do not want it to be OP, but it can take some damage before it breaks. When you use it you will be pretty immobile. Depending on what material it is, it will be heavier. Wooden shield is pretty light, but breaks easily. Iron shield is quite heavy and steel shield is even heavier. To use better shields is depending on level\perks and how much stamina you have. You cannot create a steel shield before you got the steel perk or got enough stamina to handle it.


I guess a shield cannot be created by only editing the xmls. Some scripting in the assembly-csharp.dll maybe? I am quite new to do editing in those files. The only thing I have learned is to make traders killable and edit the players hp. So I probably cannot create any shield mod, but I know many talented people here could, maybe? :)


thanks for reading and have a nice day/night!

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