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RWG Map data saving outside of our server folder


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I’ve been trying to find the prefabs.xml and the spawnpoints.xml to customize the map and haven’t been able to find either. So I just wiped/deleted the whole server and reinstalled everything from scratch, where it should have to regenerate the RWG map off of the world seed, and it did not regenerate a new map off the world seed, it just loaded the previous one – which isn’t in any of my server files in the FTP. There isn’t even a save folder yet. There’s no RWG data in the Worlds folder.


So somehow the map data is being saved somewhere I don’t have access to. Maybe a hidden folder or something higher in the directory tree.


I’m hoping you can check on this and let me know what you find.


Thanks in advance.


(tried to attach log file, but my 29kb log exceeds the 19kb file size limit. Seems like a rather small limit)

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