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17.1 water bar working... mostly


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The water indicator bar I've got works as it should for the most part, but at the start of loading into the game it "hangs up" until you drink some water, this seams especially true when your water is above 100 at the very start of the game, the value is also not represented in the text properly when > 100. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


<rect width="105" height="24" controller="HUDStatBar" stat_type="Water" visible="{statvisible}" >
			<sprite depth="1" pos="3,-27" name="border" color="[black]" height="24" type="sliced"/>
			<sprite depth="2" pos="4,-28"  name="background" height="22" width="103" color="[mediumGrey]" type="sliced" />
			<sprite depth="3" pos="4,-28"  width="103" height="22" type="filled" color="52,137,167" fill="{statfill}" />
			<sprite depth="4" name="windowIcon" style="icon22px" pos="6,-28" sprite="ui_game_symbol_water" />
			<label  depth="6" width="103" pos="4,-28" name="" font_size="20" text="{statcurrent}" justify="center" />

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the fill string (the fourth line in your case) must contain:



fill="{statfill}" - may not be needed



Yes, the filling does not display the level of more than 100%


I can't say anything about the text, I don't use it.

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