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Crashed on PC


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After game update to Alfa 17 version, the following problem has appeared:


After a random period of time the game gets a freeze and a window with the following text appears: “The application has stopped”, after which the game closes. The game freeze occurs when the character is moving. I haven’t noticed any other circumstances. After the first error, the next ones usually occur within 1-2 minutes after entering the game. I tried to install Alfa 16 and the problem disappeared. When I try to update the game installing the 2 last unstable patches, the error appears again.







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Those logs didn't show the error... are you sure you posted all of it?


My guess either relates to your 8GB of ram, or your old graphics card which I'm a bit surprised still works with this game.


The devs are still working on patching things, so if it happens to not be your hardware at fault, then it'll likely get fixed during the next patch release.

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