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Add the following new items:


Railgun (uses AK texture for now)

Superconductor (turns Railgun into a fully automatic weapon)

Railgun Battery Pack (required to craft railgun, increase weapon durability, can stack more than one)

Recharger (required to repair the railgun)

Caseless Round (ammo for the railgun)


Railguns use magnetics to launch projectiles at a high velocity. Normally they are large weapons, but in this world we can have handheld versions.


Since the projectiles don't require a casing or gun powder, you can fit more into a magazine (500 rounds). The battery packs can be stacked as mods to add more durability. Superconductor makes the weapon fully automatic. Repairing the weapon is expensive in terms of resources and time.




Add more custom mods to adjust the weapon functionality.

Add gating for crafting.

Add schematics for the weapon mods.


Download here -> LINK

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It is an item you craft like the repair kits. You should be able to just have the recharger and then repair like normal.


There was a bug where repair items can’t have a space in them. Let me check the version that is uploaded.


- - - Updated - - -


Make sure you have version 1.3 and the item called “Recharger” not “Rapid Recharger“


- - - Updated - - -


The battery pack just increases durability for the weapon.

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