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FPS killing Blocks in Prefabs


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Working on some larger prefabs and wondering...


Has anyone done any tests or has a list of which blocks/decorations to avoid in large prefabs, where too many of them might cause severe FPS drops?



Not sure if Glass is still bad - used to be a hospital in the compo pack (back a few alphas ago) which made my pc crawl to stop. Other decorations that might cause problems?




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Cobblestone unfortunately is particularly terrible on framerate. But if you look at it you can understand why, it's a complex Texture comparatively

I've fobd that the metal walkway aka diamond plate is also real rough on fps.



one way you can test textures/blocks for yourself is to go start a small test map In the world previewer tool, or find a big flat space in a Map with few trees. And no buildings nearby, basically avoiding anything that would effect performance outside the textures you're testing.


put down a nice 31x31+ grid/foundation of user placed blocks on the ground, then use the Dev paintbrush found in the creative menu and start testing textures.



For added measures I'd try to place a single wall at least 6 blcks high on the 31x31 grid and a torch nearby. Some textures really change client performance big time when they are reflecting light/forchlight. Also The dev paint brush has a spray painting option That will cover a MASSIVE area, so it's easy to quickly get all the blocks painted.

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Thanks, I did do a couple of tests before I read TopAce's reply.


In the prefab editor I build one of the strips of shops, then placed a bit chunk of 3 deep 30 x 100 wall with different blocks in front of it.

But I didn't think to try with different lighting, will have another go.

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