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How to get the new Food and Water values on my HUD?


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I'd like to see the current value of food and water on my HUD,

Looking at the window.xml it seems "{playermodifiedcurrentfood}/{playerfoodmax}" is used in the Stats window,

however when i try to use those in other windows, there is no output.


Trying something like

<label depth="6" name="TextContent" pos="15,-8" font_size="28" color="[white]" justify="center" pivot="topleft" text="{playermodifiedcurrentfood}" height="30" />


Anyone got any idea on how to get this working?

I mean {playerfood} does still work, but it only goes up to 100

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i know nothing about UI, but this is a suggestion and if you know how to do this, it may work as a temp fix..


maybe something like if value is >100 ... then you can add a "+" after the Filled HUD Meter so if you are at like 150 your meter would say 100+


maybe do it like every 15 over 100 you get an extra "+" so 150 would be 100+++


the "+"s would act as a mini meter letting you know you are in the good....

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