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What desert am I supposed to be in?


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The desert in 16.4 looked very real to me. I live in Southern California and I really got so nostalgic for a trip to the desert just by playing 7DTD that I actually made a real life trip there!


17 comes along and it looks so atypical. The only area I can think of that looks at all like is Sedona, AZ. That place is a tourist destination because it does NOT look like your typical desert. I feel now like I'm scuffing my way through a big terrarium bowl or something. The current coloring would make a nice POI, but not for the whole world!


I also get jarring atmosphere effects when moving from one biome to another.


I've tried to do a search but can't find anything on this. There is a super long thread, but I can't go through more than 1000 pages to see if someone mentioned desert color and atmosphere issues. Does anyone know if there's been any discussion about the overly red desert or the odd sudden atmosphere changes when moving between biomes? The latter is really an issue in random worlds.

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