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How does spawning work in A17?


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Hey - looking to really ramp up the spawning of zeds in POIs (especially small towns or cities). Could anyone explain how this is handled in A17 please?


EG - small POIs (individual houses) are actually pretty good, but you can walk through a town or city and not see a single zombie on the streets; only when you go into actual houses do you find any. I personally want to up the town and city spawning so towns are teeming with zeds and cities are end game levels of spawning.


Aim being, to step up the gameplay

1) You cant go near a town/city early game due to the amount of zeds, so you have to target individual POIs.

2) You then progress to small towns, but big cities are still too awash with zeds.

3) Then you go for the big cities.


This used to be handled so well in the "spawning.xml" file, but A16 stopped using it and used gamestages etc, which just was overly confusing for the casual modder.


What is the current system for spawning please? Thanks loads guys!

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