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VoidWraith - PVE - Mods


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This server does not require any client side mods. They are all pushed from the server and won’t affect your other saves.


I have moved my server to a better machine, cleaned up mods and moved to CMP server mod.


The map was wiped on January 9th and has a ton of towns and POIs to explore. I used used several random world mixer changes to help make the map "better" than vanilla random worlds. Some of the roads are still wonky but its much flatter and easier to navigate. Miles and miles of flat green forest. There are some decent roads criss-crossing the entire map.


Fast leveling, just kill stripper zeds. They are everywhere.


New enconomy system and shop. Lobby, teleport, home commands. Lots more. PVP arena coming soon.


Connection info here (no password, just need IP and port)







UI mods:

120 bag slots plus player built storage



Game Mods LAME:



Server mod CSMM:





Admins that help and a faster start, come join.


New mods and additions will be coming regularly.

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New lobby finished and will stay open 24/7. You can fight horde night all you want there. Lobby is trader protected and can’t be destroyed.


Gimme list updated. Shop updated. Kill 10 zombies and you can buy food water and a bike. Play for a few hours and you can get a motorcycle. Enjoy :)


- - - Updated - - -


Due to hosting issue the server still does not show in the public list and you have to enter the IP and port. Apologies, trying to get resolved.



PORT: 41431


Not an issue after you connect first time.

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