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A17 Feature and Changes Request (Mostly Creative POI Creation)


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A17 had a bit of a rocky start but seems to be starting to shaping up nicely. There are a couple things i would love to see, first the easy stuff


-Return of the metal pipe texture's and asphalt texture for the paint brush. I use these frequently and am saddened they have been removed with no alternative texture to use.


-Return of hold to paint. It's a pain to paint large areas now having to left click every time you paint #fingerpain


-Unify poi and normal lights. I suspect this one would be more difficult but i would love to see all the new poi lighting options in game and the ability to connect timers/switches to poi lights. This could mean you could make functional control rooms in poi's and would give me the option of regulating lighting in my server hub so they are off during the day making the hub more accessible to players with more modest systems not having to render all the fancy lights. Preferably without wires (since i would likely need to rewire it often if i put the poi through an editor)


-Expand on the lighting options, with the new system you have the potential of syncing up multiple lights to create cool effects. Think of runway lights turning on 1 row after another in a repeating pattern.


-Allow POI's to have a physics active persistent check box so poi's can spawn without physics. Certain structures that should be structurally stable (in irl anyway) collapse when spawned in ships/boats for example since bouncy is not a thing in 7dtd. I would imagine it would be simpler to just let people disable physics on certain poi's and have every block count as stable as building on ground so player placed blocks would collapse to prevent players exploiting.


I think these changes would give people more creativity options and make creation easier, the possibility's are very interesting. Thank you for reading and hopefully we see some of these changes/features in the future cheers =)

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