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  1. Oh, some very nice suggestions! First of all, @doughphunghus : that's very creative. I would never thought of that solution. I think this might even work without mods right. Only downside is that it will not work at night. I will still check it out though @Riamus : that is kind of the same setup as my initial solution. It works really well, even without the player present (if you put a trapped boar behind it) But @theFlu's one: that's sooo simple, but it works flawlessly 😀 (I just tried it out)! You can even time it precisely the way you want. I simply forgot that you can set delays and duration on these trip wire things... many thanks!! Even better: it keeps working after a restart/reload of the game. Any other things that trigger tripwires (other than player, zombies, animals and vehicles)? I tried closing (garage) doors and hatches, but they don't seem to work.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Stample! I want this setup to trigger endlessly forever. Hence, I cannot use zombies, as they will either 1) destroy the setup and 2) will probably also despawn upon restarting/reloading the game, just like my, otherwise, flawlessly working motion camera (delay/duration) --> door --> trapped (docile) boar setup Another almost-working solution is a bike on top of a closed garage door. Opening the door will drop the bike, which passes through a trigger wire, that recloses the door. Trouble is, is doesn't bring the bike back up
  3. Hey all, Just quickly for the devs: thanks so much for 1.0! Now for my weird question: I want to generate a electrical signal that turns itself on and off periodically endlessly in a loop (for example a light that goes on and off in a loop). I have some wicked base builds in mind that needs this in 1.0. The closest setup I got working, is a motion camera (set with a particular delay and duration) that opens a powered door. Behind the door is a trapped boar that will be seen by the camera. Works really well actually (door keeps looping from opened to closed, yay!), but the problem is: animals (and zombies for that matter) disappear when reloading/reopening the game. *sad face* Can anyone tell me a working setup? (I've been trying for hours lol )
  4. Looking forward to the dev streams! Will some 7dtd-youtubers get early access as well?
  5. Thanks! Any bases you want to share as well? Seems like we don't have that much time to say goodbye though:
  6. Thanks for the nice compliments all! 👍 @Riamus 1 km long tunnel?? That's sick 😛 I've had mining tunnels that long, but not for transportation and lightning n all, must have been quite the dig lol
  7. Similar to my previous post "Goodbye A19: Show your last base build!", I have a sneaky suspicion that the wait for the next alpha is almost over and before we all start playing it, I'm really keen to see what you have been building in A20, especially with the new shapes and all. If we don't post them here now, all these beautiful bases will be lost in time.... like tears in rain (ok being a bit overly dramatic here, but you get what I mean). For me, I build 2 major bases, both inspired by the trap-door mechanic. Needless to say, no cheats or cm/dm mode was used for these builds. Base number 1 is one of the biggest builds I've done so far. A castle, with a tunnel that lights up locally and automatically when your car passes by, leading to an underground entrance (believe me, it was quite the dig), taking you up the main floor with a ladder. The base looks nice at night, due to clever lighting. Hordes are dealt with easily with the excessive dart traps and electric wires on the sides. If they get too close, they fall through the trap door (but not enough for them to get to rage mode), so they need to work their way up again. Rinse , repeat Base number 2 is much smaller, but highly effective!! It's trap doors again (trigger wire), but this time, it makes the zombies drop into a pit. Using the slopes in the middle, it is very simple to toss a couple of pipe bombs down, raking in the XP. And yes, that is a bridge I built for my motorcycle to cross the river more easily Last image is looking up from the pit. Ok, now you've seen mine.... let's see yours!
  8. Appreciate the feedback @Laz Man, thanks! I just made some cosmetic adjustments to the barn and added some spotlights to make farming at night more easy (getting enough rotten flesh for the farm plots was not easy though). The top floor of the barn used to be my storage/manufacturing place early game; now, it stores all mah crops I really like the building aspect in 7DTD, can't wait for all the new shapes in A20!
  9. Thanks @retrogamingdev ! That pit was quite the dig and I'm too ashamed to show how much mining I had to to for the materials for the base lol (especially the for the bulletproof glass). On my first couple of playthroughs, I also used existing POIs for bases, but after the first 80 days or so they were completely transformed, typically leaving nothing behind from the original POI .
  10. Hi all, In anticipation of the new A20, I thought it would be a fun idea to showcase your last base you built (even if it's not finished, like mine lol). I'll start. The idea was to make a pit where the zombies drop down and work their way up through to my base, thereby narrowing them down to 1 path, which passes several 'kill boxes' (in my case, a huge amount of electricity lines surrounded by dart traps). Worked out really well, it's almost an afk base tbh. I also was making a driveway up to my living space, but looks like I'm running out of time, so didn't finish everything yet. I also built up the farm next to it, growing all things possible. Lastly, everything was build without any cheats (120 minute day cycle though). Now lemme see yours!!
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