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  1. Disregard - updating to the latest one you posted fixed it.
  2. Stompy - should import and export be working correctly? After exporting an x y z x2 y2 z2 area, I import it and it tells me spawning prefab blah blah * with sleeper spawning option set use bc-undo blah blah error while executing command.
  3. The clan command isn't functioning properly on my server. If someone accidentally (or intentionally) types /clan xyz, it spams chat about 10 times with xyz, or whatever you type. Same for wallet - when you type /wallet, it spams chat with what should have been sent to that individual user. This just me?
  4. I have a crontab that telnets into the server every 15 minutes and runs saveworld. As for starting if it goes offline, I suppose a very uncomplicated way would be to have a crontab that simply runs the 7dtd.sh start (instance name) every 10-15 minutes. If it's already started then nothing will happen. If it's offline, it will start it. What do you think is going to make your server go offline though? an unexpected reboot? Just use an @reboot crontab in that case.
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