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  1. Ok Thanx, I will check because I have installed both the prefabs and the mods
  2. Good night people, like this I would like you to help me with a problem, I want this building to appear on my map: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1102/?tab=description Now as I have read in that thread I have to add the following line to the Nitrogen Prefabricated file: 2, -1,137,67,118, unique And the files that I download, where do I put them in the game's prefab folder? or in the Nitrogen folder? The file that I have to edit for Nitrogen to add the building to the generated maps if I have not made a mistake is the one in the Resources folder. but now I have the following question, where do I put that line? Since seeing the content of said file we give me different lines: // A19 new vanilla: bus_stop_01, none, 0, -1,29,5,9, smalltown; downtown; citycenter house_modern_12, none, 2, -3,29,17,36, houses house_modern_13, none, 2, -5,25,19,40, houses house_modern_14, none, 2, -5,32,25,38, houses house_modern_15, none, 2, -4,31,18,46, houses house_modern_16, none, 2, -5,35,16,55, houses house_modern_17, none, 2, -4,28,19,41, houses house_old_gambrel_04, none, 2, -5,25,20,42, houses as I add that line to the file I simply add it like this: 2, -1,137,67,118, unique and I would also like to know if there is any way that the building appears in any of my saved maps Thanks for the help
  3. Wow this beutifull map (sorry my english is bad, jajajaja)
  4. Good morning, simply beautiful, with its imperfections and defects it looks beautiful, the map is small I have to admit it but playing it wow I liked it a lot more because it is a representation, not so exact, but it is the map of my country XD. I will not stop saying thank you for all the help and effort you have made to Hunter and Zombie Hunter. I have to admit, based on what they have told me, I have made some modifications to the map (Biomes and a crater). I share the map for those who want to play a little game. PS: How can I make the crater look more real? If it is possible and also that it is a little deeper, not exaggerated, a little deeper https://app.box.com/s/r4t7ngd8gwt6svvxii3dewr6bs8usc3l
  5. There are already two of us, I am also new to that but thanks to Hunter and Hunter Zombie we already have the steps to carry them out, unfortunately even the map generator helps that if you use a real map you have to work on them quite a bit, it is tedious but that if You put a lot of light tone it becomes a peak or a lot of dark in a crater, hahaha by the way yesterday I compiled the map and it broke my game, I think there is something I did wrong I will review well what you explained to me Hunter
  6. Wow a great job, seriously thank you Hunter and Zombie Hunter for your help, ufff the map looks reluctant, I have not tried it yet since I am a little behind in my work, but tomorrow I will try it because I already generated the XD map. Thanks again
  7. If you could help me in the sense of a tutorial like this to be able to improve the map, or what I have to do to create it, I already have several images that I can start to retouch and test, there is also the issue of biomes, how to implement them on the map , If someone helps me with that I will appreciate it very much
  8. Good afternoon everyone, Zombie Hunter seriously thank you for your help with the map as I mentioned earlier I don't know why I have problems with the 8k maps that break my game, now in the morning looking at the files of your map because I decided to size the Map at 6k and bingo worked for me, I ran the game, the funny thing is to see those roads in the sea, hahaha and the other and to reach the territory, there are some images, I just want to ask you another favor, can you tell me step by step how to make the map ? In such a way that those huge peaks do not come out (I attach images), in itself with your experience if you do a tutorial I would appreciate it, I want to experiment, if I can make a good map, I was playing for about 2 hours until the game closed. Unexpectedly, I think it is also due to the Undead Legacy mod, but what makes me happy is that it can play XD PS: sorry for the images, I hope it is not a reason for banning or something like that
  9. Hello, here I have this page where maps of my country appear, I do not know if they can be used, and if you can help me make it 6k xk with 8k the game breaks Https://www.alamy.es/imagenes/el-salvador-shape.html?blackwhite=1 And if you can generate them with all the biomes and that it is surrounded by water Hello, here I have this page where maps of my country appear, I do not know if they can be used, and if you can help me make it 6k xk with 8k the game breaks Https://www.alamy.es/imagenes/el-salvador-shape.html?blackwhite=1 And if you can generate them with all the biomes and that it is surrounded by water
  10. First of all, I thank you for the trouble you have taken I must admit that you made an effort and I was excited I also downloaded it and all unfortunately at the time of loading the map the game closes, the truth will never understand why with the maps created that are 8k gives me problems but the ones I generate from 6k with those I have no problem, of course I have to play with minimum graphics (only with maps created by nitrogen), because using the maps that the game brings I can play them with high graphics, no I understand what it will be, but I still appreciate the effort and dedication to help me, I would have liked to have played the map that you created for me
  11. Hello, good afternoon and thanks for your help, it is correct it is El Salvador, ufff I thought that just putting it in grayscale would be enough, if the image that is needed is one where the elevation is reflected or a flat image and one go making The elevations?
  12. Hello everyone, how are you? I have a question and I have searched but either I am bad with google or I do not ask the correct question. I want to generate a map for 7dtd but using the map of my country as a reference, I know that this option is: use import_hm.png, import_hm.png & mask.png and reuse heightmap, but the truth is I don't know how it works and I would like to know if I Could you explain what I have to do to create a map with Nitrogen using the map of my country as the origin, in advance thanks to all
  13. Hello, good afternoon, I wanted to thank you very much for your help. I have finally been able to play the maps that I have generated as you told me and I was looking at some options to download the graphics and it works well. Thank you very much for your help
  14. Thanx for you help, I will try to do it like that, it is a pain that has to be with the graphics at a minimum, because if I had noticed that with the graphics at a minimum if I ran the map, but when the resolution went up, everything broke, hahaha
  15. Good afternoon, I have problems with the generated maps, I am honest I know that part of the problem is my computer since I only have 8gb of ram and my video card is a GTX 1050 with 2gb of ram, with the maps that I have in the game ( Pregen01, 02 and 03) I can play without problems, the detail is with the maps that I have generated with Nitrogen, of course I have created only 6 and 8k maps, I still understand that the 8k maps need a minimum of 8gb of ram and it is recommended 16 (as I have read in other forums). Now, I have tried to play in the 6k maps that I have generated, I can play them the first time, but when I exit and return to the game I can no longer play them, the game always closes, I do not know if it is because of the pc I have or the maps I have to generate them with less requirements. I attach an image of how I generate the maps, if someone can help me with this problem because the truth is I would like to be able to play the maps that I generate. In advance thanks for the help and the apologies for the text that this and using the google translate
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