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  1. EAC is off, and it gives me this error when it does load. I've done an uninstall and reinstall on my local computer as well. Once again though, after fresh install of the mod - when I start the game, I get just a black screen with the 7days cursor. I'm starting to lose faith. lol
  2. I've added Sorcery and Darkness Falls to my server, and followed the instructions to install locally, and when I log into my server I just get a black screen with the 7Days cursor...It has been a sincere pain in the arse to get this working. Any suggestions?
  3. OK Thank you so much! I'm still learning what is possible using the admin tools.
  4. Greetings all! I'm a baby owner of a dedicated server, and recently I was in the game doing some things in creative mode and several new players logged in and took advantage of the creative mode - grabbing up a bunch of dev tools and armor, ammo, etc. I told them, "yeah ok enjoy it for now, but you will need to give them up or I'll need to remove them later" Sad day when I do a search and find no love for removing items from a player's inventory. lol Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.
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