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    Server Tools

    Having similar issues getting chat commands to work. Pre-Reboot it listed the default ones when /commands was entered. After entering own wording etc and rebooting I only get it saying /day7 and /pm. Also day7 is in the list as enabled=false.
  2. They are not all stand alone programs that need to be running. Have a look at them to see what meets your needs but from my experience: CBSM is cloud based. Server tools is within the config on the server. FRT is a stand alone. I've not managed to get it to start and connect with windows (though haven't spent a lot of time trying to).
  3. wonthisscar

    Server Tools

    Installation Download and extract the files. Copy the Mods folder to the root directory of your sever. Start the server. The mod will auto create the config file in the game save directory. Enable each part of the mod you want via ..\your game save directory\ServerTools\ServerToolsConfig.xml Once a module is enabled if it has a config it will auto create them in the ServerTools folder in the game save directory. High Ping Kicker Console Commands Usage: maxping <maxping> (sets the max ping allowed) pingimmunity add <steamid> <name> (adds player to ping immunity, name is optional) or pi add <steamid> <name> pingimmunity remove <steamid> (removes a player from ping immunity) or pi remove <steamid> pingimmunity list (list all steamids on the ping immunity list) or pi list The files you mess about with will end up in a folder called server tools within the saves folder.
  4. Does server need stopping to apply all of the fix or can it be done in background and restarted? I am finding that some of the files won't transfer across at the moment. EDIT: Updated fine once server stopped.
  5. FRT updated and workind with Allocs fixes so feeling a lot better now. Just need the SI sorting so I can go back to stalking everyone joining and leaving on the server
  6. @Sinz - Intentional. Still can't get si command to show anything it says the player name and toolbelt / backpack but both show as blank. Have deleted the Allocs persistent bin, removed the mod folder completely and installed latest update (rev.230 xxx28926). Do others have si (list inventory) working?
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