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  1. Thanks, I found the answer on the discord, but thank you very much for your explaination.
  2. Hello everyone, First of all, thanks for the job you've done and the job you'll do with this mod, it's really awsome. I know and understand that you work fulltime on the A19 version of the game, but I restart a game recently on 6.4 version of the mod, and I found some things strange in the game : I can't use the backpack add'on, or read the skill books (to improve skill points on javelin, knife, etc..), and it's seems that the sunglasses that improve agility or perception by 1 point doesn't boost my stat. Is it normal, or is it a bug? Do I have to raise some stat, or level, to be able to uses this items? Thanks for reading me (sorry for my english, I'm a french guy)
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