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  1. A while back I was playing on a server that had some sort of modification that allows players to spawn zombies by typing in !zombies (or !bears) in chat. Does anyone know what mod that is or how to get my server to do that as well? Paige
  2. Paige

    Sam's Deco Stuff

    Hi there. I run a server and I think I'd like to install this mod. I'm new to running a server and I have no clue how to do this. Can you point me towards some instructions? Paige
  3. Background: Playing on a server with friends. Some people login more than others and the people who play less often feel passed by. Maybe being able to control game state or cap it at a certain level for a long while might make this better. Question: Is there a mod that caps game state at a particular level? Secondary Question: If you have suggestions for making a server more equitable, I'm listening. Paige
  4. I don't want to export my whole map - I just want to see all the areas I've uncovered at once as an image. I swear I thought I saw that there was a mod or utility that did that, but I cannot for the life of me find it. Any help? Thanks, Paige
  5. Well, okay. I found how to get into the XML files and edit them. I upped nest frequency and egg frequency in loot.xml. Aaaand then I increased vehicle speeds in another XML. Aaaand then I increased vehicle fuel efficiency in that same XML. Like, look, I'm a 49 year old marine biologist. I do math for a living. But I don't code. I am scaring myself with this kind of power. If I completely $@#!*#! up the XML files... where would I go to re-download the original unmodified files? Paige
  6. Okay, I hate to be "explain it like I'm 5," but, pretty please, ELI5 me. This is my file structure on my server. Where might loot.xml be? Once I find it, do you think I can edit on the web UI, or can I download it, edit it in notepad, and then reupload it?
  7. Server owner noob here, so please forgive my ignorance and be gentle with me. I put down a buncha bird nests from the dev menus, but they remain sadly empty. How can I make them start filling with eggs and feathers as appropriate? Thanks so much for your help, Paige
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