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  1. i got the 64bit Java. but I keep getting "null" when I try to generate map Whats prefablist.txt ?
  2. Are there any that have snow primarily in higher elevations? Funpimp need to do that more.
  3. You guys should add the ability to add a computer that needs to be powered, but that can connect to up to 6 motion sensors, in order to have a CCTV room to monitor the outside of base. Also, to adjust motion sensors without having to go outside base, etc. Not to mention, being able to watch the action from one location isn't a bad idea. Especially if ones base is completely robotic/electrical, it would make things a bit convenient, just sit back and enjoy the action.
  4. It was not happening to me on the primative bow, but i need to check. At may be due to the very latest update.
  5. Vehicles should break down certain parts from time to time, collision damage, etc. Replace spirngs, battery, engine, etc. Vehicle mods, Drink tank mod (water) for bike, Basket mod for bike. Light for Bike (i didn't see one on it in PC)
  6. Arrows are not showing up on the Compound bow, compound crossbow, and mid tier bow. They show up once the arrow hits target, but then they float in the air. You can collect the arrows from body, and the arrows still hit target and do damage. Functions are all working correctly, it is just a visual bug.
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