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  1. Hey Hey my man...happy to see ya here, this is still one of the coolest mods I've yet to see, great content brotha
  2. Thanks so much Refugee...oh I mean Lordsia Seriously tho, greatly appreciated
  3. Hey Capp, heard you saying before you wanted to make YT a full time gig, just wanted to stop in and say I wish you the best with that my man, your vids are super high quality and the length of time you've been doing this really shows
  4. 7 Days to Vacate Survivalist Horde Every Night 60 Min Days Max Zombies New Horde Base every 7 days Channel Link http://www.youtube.com/c/Dezil Day 11 Day 10 All views, comments, shares and subs are greatly appreciated ~Dezil
  5. ~Project Mayhem~ Settings are as follows: Warrior Horde Every Night 30 Min Days Mark Air Drops Delete All on Death All others settings on default Enjoy the content, all likes, comment, subs and shares are greatly appreciated
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