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  1. Live Stream later today! Newest update to Sorcery!
  2. I don't mind, but I am not the creator of the mod, that is Devrix.
  3. Ice is now public with some great updates! Check it out!
  4. Check out this Intro video for the Ice update!
  5. Pt 2 of the New ICE series!
  6. First stream of the ICE release of Sorcery Mod! So much to check out!
  7. My first stream of the New Ice element!
  8. A little teaser for Ice release for 7 Days to Die Sorcery Mod!
  9. No, it does require a new game to work correctly.
  10. Check out my 30plus live streams of sorcery mod! Catch up before Ice is released!
  11. Yes you always have to start a new game with updates and when adding a new mod. Here is how you can Manually load Darkness Falls and Sorcery together!
  12. Added new video How to manually load Darkness Falls and Sorcery together!
  13. New video loaded! The Last Stand! Check it out!
  14. My fire series came to an explosive end and I had fun with the short!
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