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  1. Last part to the fire intro series! Covering runes!
  2. Intro to fire part two! Fire spells, fire staff, and fire spellcast!
  3. New Intro video to show how to get sorcery mod and the 3 new play modes!
  4. Alpha 20 Sorcery is here and this is an intro to starting fire!
  5. Sunday Morning Live Stream! Alpha 20 sorcery! https://youtu.be/P6muTCKPW0o
  6. Sorcery For Alpha 20 is here! Live stream coming!
  7. A fantastic series! Hours of fun in Darkness Falls and Sorcery mods!
  8. Here is a quick video on the new stuff in V .973. New Fallen Camps and Shrines and new potions and runes!
  9. Part two of the Co-Op Series!
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