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  1. Part two of the Co-Op Series!
  2. New Darkness Falls plus Sorcery Co-Op Series!
  3. Part 5 of the co-op series!
  4. How to load the three new Difficulty modifiers for the Sorcery Mod!
  5. Feature, only class runes can be removed and reused. And the Aspect runes.
  6. Part 4 in the co-op series!
  7. You do not need a core to make spells in the forge. But the core and hammer are made in the forge. Second tab of items.
  8. Part two of the Co-op is out now!
  9. Staves update Co-Op play!
  10. Live Stream later today! Newest update to Sorcery!
  11. I don't mind, but I am not the creator of the mod, that is Devrix.
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