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  1. Lordsia

    Altin's Gaming

    New base time! I finally use the motorcycle too! Check out the latest in my Fire series!
  2. You know you too would love to drop a meteor on Grace's head! Well here is your chance to see it done! If you want to do it yourself, check out the mod for yourself!
  3. A well time meteor spell landing on Grace!
  4. Lordsia

    Altin's Gaming

    Newest episode is up!
  5. Lordsia

    Altin's Gaming

    Here is the latest Day on my Sorcery playthrough!
  6. Lordsia

    Altin's Gaming

    Thanks for checking it out! If you ever decided to play the mod, make episodes so I can watch!
  7. More gameplay of the Sorcery Mod!
  8. I guess I did not dive that deep into how it was done!
  9. Love your energy and excitement! 7 days to vacate is a fun twist.
  10. Lordsia

    Altin's Gaming

    I started my Youtube just over a year ago with 7 Days to Die as the focus but had to take a very long break and now I am back! Check out my 7 Days to Die Sorcery Mod playthroughs! I do solo and with my wife, The BrideofAltin! YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC1fHcRL432jtkx_GqNTDqXQ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/altins_gaming Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Altinsgaming Subscribe, like, and follow to help me grow! And leave feedback too!
  11. For this video I maxed out the Fire Spell Tree and take on 4 nightly hordes to see how the power of Fire stacks up to the hordes!
  12. Sorcery mod has a recall scroll that teleports the user to the bedroll, but without dying of course.
  13. This is day 4/5 on Sorcery mod V.921. It is a great mod as using magic to kill zombies is super fun! Sub to my youtube for more!
  14. Here is a little bit of a play through on V.921! Check out the rest of my page for more videos!
  15. Well done. Thanks for fixing so quickly with the latest vanilla update!
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