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  1. Glad you guys are able to get into it now. I'm loving it!
  2. Brand new series for Alpha 20 - Lets test out the new Feral Sense zombies
  3. I dunno, that's a pretty tall order lol
  4. Sweet. Ok, so, for everyone that was saying I'd be to blame if it didn't happen....this means, I get credit for it actually happening. Right? lol
  5. It's also because people like to watch other people be entertaining. Maybe they are funny, maybe that have a very relaxing personality, maybe they can do things in a game that a viewer cannot. It's not just "watching someone play a game". It's more for the person playing it and the entertainment they provide.
  6. And in the South, "Bless your heart" does not mean what non-Southern people think it means lol
  7. If I lose 140k subs, I'll be done with content creation and youtube anyway lol
  8. People unsubscribe for not using a tool the way they think I should. Yes, that happens. So ya, if we're wrong and me making the announcement is early, I will lose followers.
  9. It's fully on us to make that decision, and if it blows up in our face, then it's on us. We're told "this is a good likely chance, but nothing confirmed until Rick graces us with his presence and confirms it, do with that info as you wish" So it's on me, if it's pushed back.
  10. I know Mr "The Pimp", Rick, likes to keep us in suspense and anxious, but I hope I didn't fully jump the gun in my excitement for the news of it coming out this weekend. lol. If it does end up getting postponed, I'll own up to my gaff.
  11. Well, for me, it's not about being first to announce it. It's being very excited it's finally here and wanting every fan of the game to know. If the hint of it being true ends up being wrong, I'll apologize and post a recant. lol Now.....who do we blame for this.... Bring it on And you are correct.
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