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  1. Oops, Im sorry I was exhausted when I posted. I put it in the wrong thread lol. Love your modlets by the way!
  2. Question: If I say, wanted to add this Safe House you made to NitroGen, any one of the lists, what would I put after it? Example... xvanilla_cabin_10,RESIDENTIALOLD,2,-6,27,13,52,alone;mountain In the above code, its a prefab in CompoPack 43. I understand the first part "xvanilla_cabin_10" would be the name of the prefab and RESIDENTALOLD would be what kind of prefab it is. I have no idea what the numbers are. And the end are more arguments for placement, alone and in mountain biomes. But what are those numbers all about? Prefab size? x,y,z + how deep/tall
  3. I have been making the max 16384 x 16384 and have worked out quite well. Its really nice. Made a few 12k 10k and 14k as well. Hope this helps.
  4. I am not sure on what is customary about a new member posting favors or even questions. I am a single Father of a 14yo girl and she loves this game (among others). On PS4 it sucks so we started running our own dedicated server. I found your tool Damocles, and I LOVE it! I have a question; and I am no stranger to learning new code. I have wrote many in depth scripts and plugins for Ultima Online and Everquest. Like 15,000 lines of code. XML is new to me, especially with coordinates. I might as well get in to my question. You have the Resident Evil Mansion Prefab! We LO
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