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  1. Oops, Im sorry I was exhausted when I posted. I put it in the wrong thread lol. Love your modlets by the way!
  2. Question: If I say, wanted to add this Safe House you made to NitroGen, any one of the lists, what would I put after it? Example... xvanilla_cabin_10,RESIDENTIALOLD,2,-6,27,13,52,alone;mountain In the above code, its a prefab in CompoPack 43. I understand the first part "xvanilla_cabin_10" would be the name of the prefab and RESIDENTALOLD would be what kind of prefab it is. I have no idea what the numbers are. And the end are more arguments for placement, alone and in mountain biomes. But what are those numbers all about? Prefab size? x,y,z + how deep/tall? How man total of that specific prefab in the entire map? Any pointers?
  3. I have been making the max 16384 x 16384 and have worked out quite well. Its really nice. Made a few 12k 10k and 14k as well. Hope this helps.
  4. I am not sure on what is customary about a new member posting favors or even questions. I am a single Father of a 14yo girl and she loves this game (among others). On PS4 it sucks so we started running our own dedicated server. I found your tool Damocles, and I LOVE it! I have a question; and I am no stranger to learning new code. I have wrote many in depth scripts and plugins for Ultima Online and Everquest. Like 15,000 lines of code. XML is new to me, especially with coordinates. I might as well get in to my question. You have the Resident Evil Mansion Prefab! We LOVE that game and are still looking for it (5 or 6 spawned on our 16k map). While looking through mods, we found Racoon City Police Department. Is there any way to add that in manually to the files so it can be added during a world creation? Sorry, Im new to this kinda stuff, but I figure going in to the setting files and such there must be a way, if even swapping out it for something else similar in size. Is it possible for me to add it? (If so, how in a short explaination?) If not, would you be interested in adding it in? Its called "Chaotic RPD" in the mods section if that helps. :) Thank you for your time in reading my question. Sincerely, Coragin
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