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  1. There are two Versions of the Mod (Alpha 19). One is with the Vanilla Backpack.
  2. 360 works perfekt Many Thnx Gouki
  3. Hi ! Tried to add the 1444 after 120 but it's everytime 7 o'clock ? Did they change anything with the last update ? The Menue shows the correct 1440 minutes (PS THNX Khaine for the Instructions)
  4. Hey Phredd ! First - many Thnx for this great Mod - love it ! I've added the 160 Slot Backpack from 13erserk (only fpr privat use) that works perfect (Only 10 from 15 Slots to Craft are avaible - don't know why) Testet your Mod with 23 other (most from Stallionsden,Noble's & Gyancher) and had no problems,no errors. I've overhauled it with New Life Experience - works great. Keep on the good work ! Sorry for the bad English - Greetings from Germany ;)
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