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  1. New to these forums as DF has been working without issue until now. Tried to join the discord but guess I am too stupid to figure out the role=color to get in. I have just deleted everything and am trying a new install. The issue is that I can start a new game play for awhile and after I quite and come back in I get an error about replacing the "AnimalHunterPotionParticle.unity3d" failed! and then never get past the initializing screen. Edit: after the complete reload using no modlets that I have added still get the same error. Only thing I noticed that might be of help is that 0-SphereIICore modlet shows up when I install DF and it has the "Update" indicator and no matter how many time I hit update it does not go away. I have mirror checked. Running the latest versions of mod and 7d2d (18.4b4). I guess for now I will have to move on to another mod. I really like this mod and it worked great till all of the sudden it doesn't.
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