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  1. Wow that’s very informative, I never really thought in-depth about the voxelsystem but yes that introduces a lot of difficulty. To beat the uneven terrain there could be a wooden support that you can build or just the wood block to keep things even. I kinda just assumed to build them I would first flatten and build some kind of base block. Would definitely have to stick to just 90 degree turns. No switches or crossings but would allow the track to go a->b or b->a. That introduces collisions though. Inclines/declines would be it’s own challange for sure. If it’s simplified down to a few single track blocks with no big prefabs, the weight system should take over for things like bridges or floating tracks, makes sense any kind of bridge or variable prefab would be a lot of work.
  2. That is a really good question, wish I knew a little more about game development haha! I think the movement of a pushcart should feasible be as they have the 4x4 in the game. I'm not sure how they would deal with railroads - like would they generate them like they do roads or maybe have it completely player built? the kind of performance impact that might put on a server? maybe drop any idea of it being powered by a generator? the push style transportation would feel at home I think in the game.
  3. railroads / subways(underground railroads) New Items - Tier 1 - placeable railway tracks - its own perk (Choo Choo!) or a combination of Advanced engineering and Grease Monkey Tier 2 - Build railway tracks(straight and corners only), handcarts - requires top level intellect + perk - wood/oil/steel? Tier 3 - Build engine powered handcarts, switches, more sophisticated rail designs Tier 4 - Build an storage cart ? you can place a forge and some chests and maybe a crafting bench. kinda like a small portable base you can bring around with you. attaches to the handcart but you move slower. -handcar - cartable push powered railcar to move around. Moves slower than feral zombies so you can’t break horde nights! poi’s -Train stations -derailed train -railway yard - could have a chance of like grain cars or other resources to harvest subway system with a couple stops - rare - in a couple large cities only - See Below* -Subway station -derailed train -abandoned subway train New Zombies -zombie conductor -zombie train worker *Underground rail(subway system) system: Used to connect 2-3 places in the larger cites for random gen worlds. not something players could craft but maybe we could use railway tracks underground to achieve the same kind of thing. Other thoughts I don’t want to see it go to actual moving trains or automation. Would prefer seeing manual driven railcarts and slow moving powered carts that you can drive. Not something to avoid zombies but move between cities and bring loot with you. *Just wanna state that I’m not the first to suggest this kind of idea for the game.*
  4. Hey there! First time posting so if I'm posting this wrong throw me a heads up Long time player on both Console and PC but first-time forum poster: introducing new threats day 50 onwards or just in the later games. These are just some ideas I had while playing this week. Drifting Radiation clouds? Better yet caused by a horde of irradiated zombies. Slowly drifts across an area. Avoid, stay inside, or possible addition of gas mask? Zombie strength increase as the days pass. Every say 50 days all zombies become x amount stronger. Zombie mutations? Done with a random # if, then check? Chance to give a zombie a perk upon spawning. Could also have a day counter that increases the chance per day survived. New Perks? Perk(I see you!) that would highlight these zombies in red outline to let players know their mutated. Mutations could be things like: Empower other zombies on death. Release cloud of spores to poison players on death? Become stronger if they hit players (Bloodlust)? Secret government labs for late game. I would really like more things to work towards late game. Like Team up, find, raid these secure labs for chance to get player vaccines? Vaccines that give you special perks otherwise unobtainable. like Rage – after being stuck you gain 50% more damage and run speed for 5 seconds? or Now You See Me – become invisible for 15 seconds when struck by a zombie(cancels when attacking, looting)? Some kind of fast travel - Will probably never happen but some kind of fast travel or waypoint function, when not in combat and maybe not during the bloodmoon?. Sure, we can drive and fly around but when you’ve set out to explore and find yourself far from your base, it would be cool to be able to just pop back to your home base. Also, if your exploring in different directions from your friends and they find something maybe too fast travel to them would be cool. Not like Skyrim, maybe more like Kingdom Come: Deliverance or Wasteland series? More functions to the map! – I use the map constantly, whether to mark places, find my way around or just where to loot next. More icons to use for marking places. Icons for specific stores, chest icon, safe icon, ect Would like the ability to mark places as clear. I know this has been pointed out by others and it’s a good idea. Let’s go a little farther and have the named locations such as Crack-A-Book automatically pop up on the map with their icon then once you clear it (ei. Search the loot, kill the zombies) it says cleared or gets a check mark?. Resets when loot resets. The ability to enter Longer names and or short descriptions for the icons you place on the map. EI. 3 story apartment building – cleared first floor. Whatcha think?
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