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  1. 6 minutes ago, Roland said:


    That would work better than a teleporting forcefield for me. Knowing that the prices would be cheaper in daylight would keep my cheapskate butt out of there until the sale started. :D

    Traders would raise prices at night since they would be @%$#ed off having their sleep disturbed by your presence. 😆


    And Rekt would just simply @%$#ing shoot at you from his bedroom window.

  2. Oh ok 🤷🏻‍♂️ Im sure that i read what i mentioned more than once. I guess i never was aware of this variation in wandering horde behavior. I observed that those hordes conducted themselves pretty much like what i initially read about them, whether i was standing in the same location until they come across me as well as when i moved further away from their path and watching them passing by, oblivious to me until i drew their attention.

  3. 9 hours ago, ra4529 said:

    Hey all,

    I've been playing for a while but only solo and just one long game. So I'm not a total noob but I'm noob adjacent.

    Since I learned early on (the hard way) about the Wasteland at night I've avoided it other than in the daylight.

    Now I'm over level 200 and well geared so one day I was clearing a 6 story building in the wasteland when night got close.  I decided to spend the last few minutes building a quick base on top of a three story building next door.

    There was no access to the roof so I built a ladder that starts three blocks off the ground and with my Parkour skill I can reach it but Z's don't seem to be able to.

    I parked my gyro-copter up top and waited for night. It turned night and I saw a wraith. At that point I'm thinking "It's on!", I kill it with a head shot and wait for the horde but nothing happened.

    I watched with night vision for a while then got bored and started adding to my base, I cleared part of the roof to make a flat path around the entire top of the building with rails so I could lean out, then it started raining so I built a covered spot and a couple camp fires and storage chests.

    I sat by the fire until the rain stopped then patrolled around again, still nothing.

    Morning came and I got back to clearing the 6 story building.

    When I was done it was close to night again so I decided to hang out another night. I see a couple Z's, take em out, then like 4 more, I kill those and before I know it, I see 4 z bears, 3 z dogs in a pack, wraiths, spiders, a bunch of zombie chicks, z cops, birds... they were tearing down the building because they couldn't get to me.

    I shot a ton of them until I decided to bail in my copter because I was blowing ammo like crazy and they weren't showing any signs of slowing down. 

    Now my question is this.

    Is the crazy horde like zombie spawning at night in the wasteland random or did I do something the first night that made everything stay quiet?

    I'm playing Navezgane, no mods, v 19.6.



    Wandering hordes spawn at certain points in your game and it doesnt matter if you make noise or not ; it'll spawn anyways. The horde appears out of your line of sight, on a part of the map, and will converge to your position, in a straight line, at the time it spawned. So if you stay on the same location all this time, they'll get right on you. If you move in the meantime to another location like 40-50 blocks away, you can sometimes see the horde passing by, without noticing you, and come across exactly where you previously were.

  4. 5 hours ago, Roland said:


    In entityclasses.xml looking in the basic malezombie AI Targets and Tasks there is this line that you might try playing around with:


    <property name="AITarget-4" value="SetNearestEntityAsTarget" data="class=EntityPlayer,0,0,EntityNPC,0,0"/> <!-- class, hear distance, see dist (checked left to right, 0 dist uses entity default) -->


    So class=EntityPlayer,50,30 would make it so the zombies could hear the player from 50 blocks away and see the player from 30 blocks away I'm assuming.


    The list of classes that can be made into targets for the AI is:


    <!--Classes for AITarget:
            <property name="Class" value="EntityAnimalRabbit"/> and chicken
            <property name="Class" value="EntityAnimalStag"/>
            <property name="Class" value="EntityBackpack"/>
            <property name="Class" value="EntityBandit"/>
            <property name="Class" value="EntityEnemyAnimal"/>
            <property name="Class" value="EntityLootContainer"/>
            <property name="Class" value="EntityMinibike"/>
            <property name="Class" value="EntityNPC"/>
            <property name="Class" value="EntityPlayer"/>
            <property name="Class" value="EntitySupplyCrate"/>
            <property name="Class" value="EntitySupplyPlane"/>
            <property name="Class" value="EntitySurvivor"/>
            <property name="Class" value="EntityVulture"/>
            <property name="Class" value="EntityZombie"/>
            <property name="Class" value="EntityZombieCop"/>
            <property name="Class" value="EntityZombieDog"/>


    So you could conceivably make the zombies chase animals and other things by adding them with commas keeping in mind that their hearing and sight is checked vs entities in the list from left to right.

    Thank you very much for putting this up Roland.

  5. 14 hours ago, Roland said:


    That and the fact that adding options to the top menu of the game is always a solid update. You could approximate the feral option with xml edits even now but then you have to be comfortable making those edits. In A20 it will be an official option that can be enabled by anyone without modding knowhow not to mention that faatal spent time testing and making other adjustments so that it works better than it would have by us changing the value for radius of zombie vision.

    Can you quickly point me out which xml file has that zombie vision value? There's still a full month or so until A20 lands, so id like to fiddle around with this. Or maybe just drop a link to another thread if this already has been asked before. Thanks!

  6. 1 hour ago, Laz Man said:

    Will see what the feedback there is in experimental, I'm sure faatal can improve upon it.  Its not GPS like bloodmoon but certainly can feel like it if your the type that loves to make alot of noise. 😄


    It felt pretty good the last time I tested it.

    Yeah i know, this is why i put quotes to "blood moon" situation 😉


    I would love to experiment with the feral sense meter and this is one feature that was making me excited for A20. I would like to try with maximum feral as well as taking it low but not straight turned off, like i mention earlier. But if its just an on/off switch, i cant lie that i would be a bit disappointed. I do wish that Fataal brings more nuance to it, but otherwise its all good, ill live with it.

  7. 6 hours ago, Laz Man said:

    7) Feral Sense Game Option

    • When turned on Zombies can sense the player from much farther away and stay focused on the optimal path to where the player is
    • Stealth still works but zombie senses are heightened so stealth play is much more challenging
    • Settings are: Off, Day, Night, All

    Aaaaw, its rigid like that? 😟 Last time i heard of this, it was supposed to be a slider that we can move to either increase or decrease the intensity of the feral sense. Meaning you can either be in a constant "blood moon" situation or make the zombies almost oblivious to you unless you get very close.


    Now if its off, it just returns to the default feral sense?

  8. 59 minutes ago, Roland said:

    Actually the reason is because they want this game to be an international hit and some countries would ban a game in which children (even zombie children) are being killed. I don't think the devs are against it, themselves, as The Walking Dead was a major source of inspiration and it is infamous for depicting children being killed. Zombie Girl shot by Rick in the pilot episode and "look at the yellow flowers" being the two big examples I can think of.


    No, there is no reticence about including it in the game in and of itself. It comes down to what markets would we lose if we did it.

    Oh ok, i see. I said that because im pretty such i heard them (it was Rick i think) that answered a live question about children zombies (back then during the streams about A19) and im sure he said that it wouldnt feel good or appropriate, and i guess i interpreted it like it would be too creepy and of bad taste. I think the international market reason slipped of my mind somehow.




    Yeah preteens or teens, we're talking about the same monster. But yeah i should have said preteens.

  9. 10 minutes ago, Matt115 said:

    Honestly i understand his point and he's a little right. 

    Games with zombies you can put in 3 category - 1. serious- dying light , the last of us , days gone, resident evil , cod waw- some jokes but 90% is serious sometimes gore and depresing, a lot of info about this world  2. gameplay focused : l4d2, world war z , cod advance warfare  world in this game is just backstage for gameplay but you can find info about this world. 3. parody- dead rising 4, cod infinity warfare, kiling floor ( i know: clone =/= zombies but it was realesed in this same time with l4d so diffrent types of enemies was neccesary to avoid "bootleg"), plants vs zombies.


    And there is my problem with 7dtd : it's looks like - we are doing game similiar to f.e.a.r or dead space but it's sandbox. But after few years we change our plans and we are going to make something like cod- realistic graphic but it can't be taken seriouse.


    Strip club suit very good for this 1 setting - well i think when zombie outbreak happen few  strip club was opened.  We have "bike bars", small restaurant  in "road 66 style" etc perfect setting for seriouse game- but we will get junk's guns, teddy head on dron (and drones), new "unked' models of guns , change marksman into lever gun etc.

    Honestly : after first alphas what i expected - zombie teens, destroyed evac centres, pits with burned corpeses, hanging bodies, maybe  soldiers , bandits - some of them looking like typical civilians some of them like dunno crazy clowns , cultists etc.

    What we get?: something like what if we mixed mortal machines, mad max and zombieland.


    This is just inconsistet in my opinion - strip club and strip are good and people will love it but zombie teens too controversial. The best "example" of this is rope on one of the tree but without body to be not controvesrial but to have "seriouse" setting.


    Tfp devs- 7dtd is rly good game in gameplay and graphic meaning and  anyone can say you put a lot of work in this gam  but it is just too safe and have kinda generic setting.



    You're not really following TC train of thought if you're saying strip clubs are out of context only due to the setting you personally believe 7DTD happens into. TC states is opinion based on political correctness, you're not really talking about the same thing.


    The Pimps said they dont wanna put kid zombies because they themselves dont feel good about doing so, not because of the fear of potential outrage it could cause. But other studios did it, notably Visceral in Dead Space 1 and more in Dead Space 2, where you have baby and teenage necromorphs that you have to kill.


    The noose attached to a tree in the backyard of one of the houses is a reference to The Conjuring movie i believe. At least it does look like it. And what if there would still be a corpse hanging on it? It fits in the apocalyptic tone of 7DTD and this is a recurring element in such setting, just like in the Walking Dead, from which this game is directly inspired of. If someone would be offended by that, it would be because they decided to go along their offended feelings and not because the Pimps deliberately tried to offend people or to downplay the issue of suicide. Like TC is insinuating.

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  10. 38 minutes ago, pApA^LeGBa said:


    Has nothing do with beeing woke or not. A lot people beeing against things like stripclubs and such are simply conservatives and/or religious. They already were against those things way before the people who created the word "woke" were born.


    It´s the same category as fanboi or white knight. Mostly used as an insult wich shows a lack of discussion culture imo. Also usually shows a lack of arguments.


    Although yes, conservatives and fundamentalist, religious people are far from being supportive of strip clubs, the current P-C driven trend of woke people is to muzzle and shut down anything that they decide isnt appropriate to their standards, without consideration for opinions that differ from theirs. It seems to portrait this rigid ideology that they're victims of everything and that a single person or minority being offended by something holds moral highground above anything that could undermine or question their motives.


    In other words, they're immaculate because they believe they're right. They also cant accept that other people see them in a certain way and particularly dont like the term "woke" because its of course offending and it either a made-up term or considered and "insult".

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  11. Im genuinely surprised he didnt complained about Trader Jen. Yet.


    TC, your point of view isnt guidelines the Pimps should unquestionably follow because you think you're right. Or offended. Its just a perception. Or course there's forms of objectification in this world but women arent forced to work in strip clubs and most of them legitimately choose to perform as strippers. So not only you try caps-lock dictate what the Pimps should do with their own game, but you also state that strippers are poor victims of the mean males who get in clubs to admire them.


    This is what the woke end of activism doesnt get : men look at women, women look at men. We all objectify a certain person to be the focus of our desires. This is life. And this will never change. Oh and btw, yes, this is cancel culture. Wokes are always denying it when being called out about it and now claim its a made-up term lol.


    Anyways, you already have been told that you can remove the club yourself, and you even did! So, what do you want more?


    If im offended by the way you elevate yourself above others as being morally superior and that you instruct people how to think the way you think, can i ask you to REMOVE your topic?

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  12. 3 hours ago, meganoth said:


    Then maybe the first language problem is the reason we read different things into his posts. While he keeps his own opinion and says so I don't see him being confrontational. "Confrontational" means forcefully attacking differing opinions or other persons, not just saying "its okay but I keep my opinion".


    As I said above please first conclusively show that his view is definitely wrong (which you can't without being a mind reader) before you demand that he changes his mind. This is not the holy church of 7 Days believers who demand all to believe what we tell them or god will strike them down. Especially on a topic you yourself agree to being unimportant.


    If the stuff on Facebook has no relevance to what the TC wrote why then cite it? As your motivation? Sorry, that is not an excuse or justification for being impolite.


    PS: See the difference. I am now arguably a bit confrontational, especially with the sarcasm in paragraph 2.


    Ok look, you wanna play around with words and split hairs...


    Guy says the game is based on a certain genre and is being told its not, based on factual info. Guy keeps denying and warns he will maintain his statement even facing evidence that he's wrong. Yes he is. And that's confronting what's been established. One can question non-stop that they think the Earth is flat but when being shown its factually not, its unnecessary to keep stating the opposite and confronting the facts.


    I never declared or implied there's a 7DTD holy church where we burn heretics at the stake for not believing something, so, please, cool it down. You dont need to create and holy church of Round Earth to state the fact that its round.


    Lastly, i dont ask to be excused because i dont have much patience for the behavior of TC. I just explained why i have the tone i have, not justifying it to allow myself to talk the way i talk : i'll say what i wanna say, just like he did, or like you do. Can you get this, at least?


    I dont know if you do this to tilt people for your amusement? I dont see why you pretend to not see how the TC acts or respond when he's clearly wrong about how Rick and Joel establish their own game. Or why you attempt to turn things around so im kinda the bad guy now lol. But whatever, this is still going nowhere, further than necessary. This topic shouldnt have gone beyond the moment the TC has been shut down. Oh no, that's right, he's not really wrong, according to you. Guess this is far from over! But as far as im concerned, it is for me.


  13. 23 minutes ago, meganoth said:


    But thats the point. The TC said it was just an academic point for him ("I am not stressing over the game, or devs for sure, My responsibility is for me to decide, or feel how ever I want. ... and I was only wonder which one is was."). So this was like talking about the weather tomorrow and you associate him with some idiots on Facebook and act very confrontational up to an ad-hominem. If we did that to all first-time posters, a lot of regulars wouldn't be here, 50% of first time posts are rather sub-par I would say. Nay, 500% of them 😉


    No. Again. I said that i've seen so much @%$# going on online against the Pimps that when i see someone confrontational and denying the evidence, i dont have much patience. Not that he's an @%$#s like the ones that plague the Facebook page. Im talking about me and my short fuse, in the first place.


    English isnt my first language (french is) and although i can very well follow and take part to a discussion, maybe the formulation of my sentences can be misleading? Im trying to be as clear as possible.


    Back to TC's struggle to get a point : if its only "academic" for him, why keep being confrontational when being told the evidence? He's been answered something 100% credible and verifiable to his question. He should just go like "Oh, i see, i was wrong in my assumptions. I maintain my own perception of the game but i understand that the founders have the last word about what their own game is". I dunno, something like that, instead of acting like a stubborn brat "No, i wont take it and i'll keep asking until i get THE answer that pleases me and until i hear what i wanna hear!"


    I take way less @%$# than before with the morons on the Facebook page than before. But i do take the game, the work Rick, Joel and the team does to make it what it is right now close to the heart and it both saddens and @%$# me off to see people acting like dicks. That's why i have that kinda of speech. Like in life in general, when you're being told the factual obvious, you stfu, acknowledge you've been wrong and move the @%$# on. Keep asking the question that's now made pointless wont change the result...

  14. 3 minutes ago, meganoth said:


    So: Wasting our time? Sure. Anyone giving @%$# to the Pimps? You are finding insults where none are. What does it matter if they ticked off genres one after the other or immediately came up with two or three genres they wanted to mix?




    Im talking about the insults i see plenty on the 7DTD Facebook publications, not here. TC didnt insult anyone here but he came across borderline being insolent, afaic.

    Roland is not omniscient regarding what Rick and Joel really had in mind back then, you're right, but we can all agree that if he reports something that the founders said about the game, its a pretty well credible statement. I dont think he would make things up just to sustain his point, he clearly doesnt look like that.

    Indeed, doesnt really matter what came up first, if its a single genre or three of them at once, as far as the question is only that. But what we know is that the Pimps mentioned three concepts and i dont see why someone would make a fuzz about this being an issue, even more when that person claims that every update messes up what the game should be and that its confusing and whatnot. Which is completely false. This is pointless, dumb and really a non-issue. TC is going nowhere with all this.

  15. Why do you apoligize? You dont have to, but you do you. The person who should apoligize in the first place should be the TC.


    Indeed, there's absolutely nothing wrong with discussing what defines 7DTD. But when a smartass barges in and claim he knows better than the very guys from whom the game came to life, who elevates his speculations as facts, its kinda @%$#ing annoying. Like its not enough, he doubles down by keeping denying the evidence after being told so from a sure source. He's wasting our time and his own.


    I've read so much about people giving @%$# to the Pimps, for the most imbecile reasons, that i guess i dont have a large patience gauge anymore. Whatever. Not sorry.

  16. Ok TC what are you trying to prove here with that arrogant attitude?


    Is your life so boring that you need to argue about something upon which you've made no gains whatsoever since you posted that topic?


    Roland is among the most knowledgeable persons who are in direct contact with the very founders of this game and you keep nagging him about what's true or not. Do you realize how exceptional it is to have such detailed pieces of info available on a video game and how the developers conduct said game, from core game design concepts to how it happens for the users? You've been given answers in the most formal and factual form possible and you still stubbornly @%$# about it.


    You said that you'll let slide whatever people are telling you about the way you should take the game on, in other words you dont like poeple telling you how to think, or thinking at your place, yet your act exactly that way towards the devs. Check your contradictions, champ.


    Get off your high horses and put a lid on it. The game's been said to be a playable form of The Walking Dead by the founders and if you take it literaly, it is a playable Walking Dead. Survival horror, like the characters dwelve into. Tower-defense, like they do at the Prison and in Alexandria. And RPG, because most of the main characters are proefficient in a particular skillset or field of knowledge. So there you go, three bases that defines 7DTD.

  17. 1 hour ago, Ashlockheart said:

    Well the main important reason why I will keep trying to put the game in a category is because of balance, and it is too easy to throw the game off of what made the game fun, and pulling people into it. One update could put the game into full Minecraft mode, and it would take a few years of updates to pull it back down to survival. Another update could put the game into full RPG Skyrim, and it would take a few years to pull the game back into Shooter/Survival, and vice versa. Every game has at least a main core to it even if the game does more than one category so its easyer to keep the game developed on the correct direction, and its less likely to rear off road, and throw the game in a very bad state that would take a long time to pull out of. Mixing things up is great but one of the category's is the correct one that made the game popular, and held peoples interest. So I will always keep asking what the main category is because I am sure the devs did pick one. It would be weird for devs to make a game that they don't know what type they dreamed of making.

    Let me help you on this. Oh its nothing, dont mention it 😉


    "7 Days to Die is an open-world game that is a unique combination of first person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games."


    There you go. This is what the developers decided for their game. Its a combination of genres and there isnt one that's really dominating another. You are legitimately free to speculate as much as you want about what you think the game is, but you wont have the last word on that point, the devs do. This is how they want their game to be and you or anyone else is in position to lecture them about it or think in their place.


    Have fun!

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  18. 5 hours ago, dxbydy said:

    I must admit I had 1000s of hours in this game before the AI got changed. Horde night used to be great when you got surprised by a couple of zombies that had 'got in round the back'.


    Now they just tend to line up and wait to be smacked on the head, I rarely play anymore.


    I miss the random AI so much. I also miss the zombies ability to smell. Night time is now way too easy. I used to spent the first few nights in a dark corner hidden (with my meat stashed away) terrified. Now I just treat the nights the same as days. 

    This isnt really a problem from the game, its just that you now know how it works and you exploit the game design at your advantage. Its just a normal process and assurance that we acquire over time, in any game of the genre.


    They still come from all sides, it just depends on the type of base you have. Case in point, you can watch the Lockdown series from Glock9. He made his horde base in the vanilla prison and although he has an open entry point on the front, the Zs came from various sides and angles and he had to adapt.


    I also was afraid of going out at night during my early 7DTD sessions and i couldnt deal with Zs coming from all sides because my horde base setup was deficient. Nowadays, just like you, im comfortable whatever the situation is and my adaptation capacity is much sharper than before. But Darkness Falls can flip that up quite intensily, trust me on that. Its almost like you have to learn how to play, all over again.

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  19. 1 hour ago, Jost Amman said:

    I was just looking at some mods, and I found out that Ravenhearst mod has exactly what I'm talking about.

    Cool. :cool2:

    Vehicle Pickup Disable

    Realistic weights on vehicles. You can no longer pick up and store your heavy vehicles. Bicycles can be picked up. Be careful while driving and prepare to dig a vehicle out if it is stuck.

    That's great! Can this mod be installed as stand alone?

  20. Can we just stick to Navezgane, on Earth? Its hard enough to program and stabilize an entirely destructible map, yet people still aren't happy and now ask to go for the entire solar system and beyond 😆


    Please folks, inform yourself better about video game production and understand how complex it is. Or else, you could create your own extra-planetary mod?

  21. 12 hours ago, MechanicalLens said:

    As a small tidbit of a suggestion, one could also add more challenging types to nighttime spawns for the forest biome. :) I personally add in feral wights, cops, feral cops, soldiers, and feral soldiers, but one could easily add in radiated zombies for the extra scare factor (cops, soldiers, bikers, etc.). Heck, you could gut the entire list and replace it with nothing but rad zombies if you're a masochist.

    That's pretty much what happens in Darkness Falls. You at least get radiated zombies, and some ferals, during the very first night of a game.

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