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  1. Hey all I tested it on AlphaGround Server with video capture. For this I rented a new vending machines on ingame day 628 and added 30 Items for sell. After 20 ingame days (somthn about 2 rl days) I checked the machine. See self how the system buy much stuff. Im sure its working on your server too. Greetz, Tylos
  2. Hey Gouki, allow_sell ist just the function for directly sell to the vending machine. What Heliox means is that the system automatically buys things from players. As described in this thread: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/8910-solo-vending-machines-a17-b208/
  3. Perhaps adjusting the prices would also be a possible solution, but unfortunately the override_buy_markup="1.0" does not work. <!-- Rented - Vending Machine --> <trader_info id="5" reset_interval="-1" override_buy_markup="1.0" override_sell_markup="1.0" allow_sell="false" rentable="true" rent_cost="2500" rent_time="30"/> Best solution would be something like autobuy = "false"
  4. thank you Damocles for the great tool! its possible to setup, that the pois dont cross the regions border?
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