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  1. Exactly, i think this is more of a single player feature, it would be awesome to have a option to disable it on a multiplayer server.
  2. Hey we are running a mulitplayer server and have balanced a lot of the prices and economy to make the duke coins worth something in a multiplayer environment. Now players are using the rental vending machines at traders to earn easy money, without any player interaction. (The game "buys" stuff from the rented machines in intervalls) I wanted to ask if someone knows a way to disable this feature? Greetz
  3. Will use this for our next map "<!-- Purposely leave 10 slots outside the realm of the perk to leave encumbrance even at maximum perk -->" Really love that idea! Cheers
  4. id=numbers or not in use anymore, or are they? cant see them anywhere if yes, where do i find the ids? if no, the id is now the item/block name?
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