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  1. DMC

    DMC ClockTower

    Thank you, ---- forgot to give all of you the nitro info if you want to use it.... DMC_Wasilla_Des_ClockTower,eqal,2,-6,53,40,81,smalltown;downtown;citycenter;unique
  2. DMC

    DMC ClockTower

    Got another Prefab finished, this one is inspired by the clock tower in Wasilla Alaska. I took some liberties with it but it is very similar along with some of the shops that use to and are currently in the building. Hope you all enjoy. https://github.com/DMC-Nivar/7daymods/blob/master/DMC_ClockTower.zip Here are some pics since people love pictures....
  3. DMC

    DMC Survivors Camp

    Here is a little prefab I finished a few days ago. Concept just a place some survivors tried to hold up before being overrun. Enjoy. For those of you who use Nitrogen this would be the code to add to your prefab list. DMC_Survivors_Camp,eqal,2,-13,36,17,34,mountain;alone;unique https://github.com/DMC-Nivar/7daymods/blob/master/DMC_Survivors_Camp.zip DMC_Survivors_Camp.zip
  4. Hello again everyone. Several Versions of the game ago I made some prefabs to take the place of the in game traders. I don't personally play with Traders since I find working with them makes the game way to easy. I also found it impossible that their little compounds would survive a 7 day raid of any value. This brings us to these prefabs, I have updated them slightly but they are basically the in game versions of the Traders compounds if zombies had overrun them for one reason or another. As with all my prefabs feel free to use them in combo packs or whatever. Enjoy. https://githu
  5. DMC

    DMC Art Compound

    Hey all been a few since I last put somthing up for the community - So figured it was about time... Here is a prefab I got done awhile back. Feel free to add it to combo packs or do whatever with it. https://github.com/DMC-Nivar/7daymods/blob/master/DMC_ArtCompound.zip DMC_ArtCompound.zip
  6. Thank you Sphereii, I did not think it would work that way, but it works perfectly. I seriously thought i would have to remove each line of code. Thank you again.
  7. Another question, does anyone know how to add a level requirement to a quest? I have tried a few different ways and have yet to get it working.
  8. Is there a fast way to remove a whole section of code with one line? For example I want to remove an entire quest from the game, how can i do that with one line of code and not have to write a whole bunch of <remove xpath=".... blah blah etc...
  9. being able to make the lights in the game brighter would be nice. I have been looking around trying to find a way to make the spotlight actualy work like a spotlight, sadly i am not finding a way to make it brighter and shine further. Anyone know how to do this?
  10. have you tried the and? something like this <set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='treeCactus01']/drop[@event='Destroy' and @name='resourceYuccaFibers']/@count">20</set>
  11. In the code I was working with the tag was being used to define how the animal was being harvested, ie with hunting knife or butcherHarvest vs say a stone ax an alltoolsharvest. I am no expert but i see Tag used to say if a recipe is learnable etc... thus i would define it as a way of setting parameters to use or get somthing. Hope that helps maybe a more experienced coder can give us a better definition of the Tag .
  12. sbangs007 I had a similar problem, my code was <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[@name='animalStag']/drop[@event='harvest'][@name='resourceFemur][@tag='butcherHarvest']/@count">5</set> What i found to work was this <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[@name='animalStag']/drop[@tag='butcherHarvest']/@count">5</set> so for you i would have somthing like this <set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='treeCactus01']/drop[@name='resourceYuccaFibers']/@count">20</set>
  13. Thanks sphereii, i feel stupid having missed that stupid =
  14. Hey everyone, working on some mods and I can't seem to get this to work. code: <remove xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name=weaponsHuntingRifle+ammo]/item[@name'ammo762mmBulletFMJ']"/> I want to remove the ammo from the loot group so i can insert other ammo that the hunting rifle now fires.
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