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  1. Sorry, I was editing my post as you were replying. Please review that as I think that may clear a few more things up.
  2. You _might_ be able to get away with a symlink (https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/) but I haven't tested it of course. If you're using the mod launcher exclusively to play DF, it's very easy to install it manually. I personally don't like mod managers, but that's a different topic The default maps for DF leave a lot to be desired, generating one with KG is much better. For those wanting to play DF with a custom map, be sure to use the custom POI list Khaine's provides, otherwise the custom traders and other DF POIs won't be spawned in the correct biomes.
  3. You can use a custom water map for that. Just draw solid black over where the desert biomes are.
  4. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I wasn't referring to water, as far as the water map generating water. I'm super familiar with the water physics being pretty trash in general lol. From what I understand, the custom water map is like the biomes map in that you can draw areas. It only allows 1 color, black, which signifies where water ISN'T generated. Take this for example Instead of the water being defaultly (that a word? lol) generated, the custom water map would be used do draw black parts over where water would normally be generated. So instead of rivers being generated they would be proper canyons. The current water level in KingGen is 43, which is perfectly fine, and resulted in the image above. With a custom water map imagine drawing black areas where water would NOT be generated. That would allow the above image to have canyons instead of rivers. I hope that makes more sense.. lol
  5. Another great video! In your next video could you please cover the custom water map to create proper dry lakebeds, canyons, etc? I know it's as simple as drawing black but I don't believe it's documented. One big problem I'm having with canyon maps is the width of the canyons themselves. The idea is just wide enough that you have to build a bridge to cross it without supports. There could be wider canyons that would need bridge supports in some places though. Again, the big canyon and the canyon mine were my favorite part of Navezgane and I'm trying to expand on that idea.
  6. Is this possible @KingSlayerGM Tallman Brad's videos on YouTube
  7. Yeah the water height was what I was referring to. It's typically fine as the default as far as generating rivers, lakes, etc. But for canyons, being able to draw areas where water should not be generated would be ideal. From your video, the current colors that can be draw are: city = 0,0,255 town = 0,255,0 village = 255,0,255 no pois = 255,0,0 An additional color for "no water generated here" I suppose would be a feature request if it's even possible to do that with map generation.
  8. The generator is as good as the settings you give it to generate from. Perhaps instead of saying it's poor, offer some actual constructive feedback as to what you were hoping it would do. Another good video. Will these canyon maps be realistic as far as not being filled with water? I was hoping there could be a color drawn on the map to indicate that water not be generated there. I don't know if that's even possible with random map generation in general.
  9. Yeah I hear ya! I quickly noticed with most POIs they tend to jam in everything under the sun. If this doesn't cover it I don't know what will 😃
  10. Yeah that's why I was suggesting some sort of tool that would compare the 2 lists and output a list of POIs that didn't make it. Should I just generate a 16k map and hope for the best? lol
  11. @KingSlayerGM I'm finding that KingGen isn't adding a lot of the POIs in Compo Pack, which makes sense since there are a ton of them. Would it be fairly easy for KingGen to compare the generated prefabs.xml to the supplied POIs list? A "diff" between these 2 files would then show a list of POIs not contained in prefabs.xml. Granted, a 4k map would unlikely contain all of the POIs, while a 16k map probably would. From what I understand, generating POIs is pretty much RNG. Anyhoo, I guess you can consider this a feature request if it's easy to do.
  12. This is also a fun way to create heightmaps based on generated cloud effects. It's a bit long-winded but the basics are pretty solid and you can greyscale it to an appropriate size that meets KG's requirements. Have fun Brad https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-create-a-cloud-effect-in-photoshop--cms-33659
  13. Please do https://tangrams.github.io/heightmapper/#9.70833/36.2672/-112.6010 Desert along the canyon, snow to the high areas, forest to the mid areas. No clue where wasteland and burnt areas would be. lol I just wish there was a way to sort of draw where lakes, roads, and (broken) bridge POIs would be. I really loved how Navezgane did that, and it's of course possible to pull the huge canyon mine and broken bridge POIs from prefabs.xml. I'm trying to sort of recreate that part, but I'm finding out it's not so easy. lol I know it's pretty ironic that we're trying to apply very specific things to something random. It's a work in progress but we're actually making progress
  14. I keep messing with this as well. Don't forget our canyon project. lol. I've been experimenting with heightmaps per you video (thank you btw it was awesome!). I'm finding that rather than KG doing the terrain smoothing, it's a lot easier to apply a blur filter (sometimes blur it a lot) to the heightmap image itself. It keeps the very high mountains. The blurry shades of gray are gradual inclines
  15. Yeah I wish it were more like Navezgane but the whole map being based on a canyon. And the lowest parts of the canyon being close to bedrock rather than water. I haven't done much editing but most of this would be desert.
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