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    Thank you for your help. This mod is the hardest I have tried and love it! Got any tips to find "Niter" and coal? The journal says to just dig anywhere And the antibiotic sells for about 30k. Dunno if that's intended Thanks again, it seems like you have put a TON of work into this!
  2. dan3000


    I did a delete complete about 8 hours ago when i seen the b178 update. I get a NullReferenceException when i try to select the chem station or oil from my personal crafting menu or the work bench(not clicking on chem station since I dont have it yet). Should i try another delete complete? I had to restore from a save, maybe the save files are old? Im only using the core and core Ui
  3. dan3000


    Seems like the chemistry station does not work. Clicking it causes null errors
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